MINOT, ND — The “B” isn’t the only major state tournament in Minot this weekend.

More than 800 competitors from across North Dakota are in town for state archery.

It’s the first time they’ve returned in person after two years of remote tournaments. Some competitors say they are happy to see old friends again.

“I love it because there’s so many different kids in such a big age group that can, like, participate and you get to meet so many different people. All the people you see here every year are just awesome,” said Hannah Neameyer, Team Rolla.

Students in grades four through 12, some with difficulty, all shoot side by side and have equal chances of winning.

“There’s a kid coming later with crutches that we have to walk to the line and take their crutches off so they can shoot. We’ve had kids in wheelchairs. there’s a whole list of things that make the sport inclusive for almost everyone,” said NASP National Coordinator Jeff Long.

Organizers say they actually gained attendees during the pandemic. The online format has made it easier for people across the state to compete, but some like Hannah love coming back to the event.

“We can go shopping, go out to eat, just hang out with our friends for a weekend getaway,” Neameyer said.

Coordinator Jeff Long adds that most archers have competed in six or seven events at this point in the year, and it’s like their “Superbowl”.

The top two teams earn a place in the national competition later this year. Individual winners can win scholarships or an elk hunting trip.

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