COLUMBUS, Ohio – The crisp air and changing colors of fall are fast approaching, and that means one thing for Ohio hunters, deer hunting season is almost here. Ohio’s popular deer archery hunting season opens Sept. 25, according to the Wildlife Division of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Last season, archery hunters in Ohio harvested more than 93,500 deer, the highest total on record. Deer harvested with archery equipment accounted for 47% of all deer caught in 2020-21, marking the eighth consecutive year that more deer were harvested with a bow than during gun season. one week (71,651).

Ohio’s long-term management plan has led to a quality deer hunt that is recognized as one of the best in the country.

Overall, hunters harvested 197,721 deer in 2020-2021, 9% more than the three-year average. The total includes $ 83,332, $ 94,763 does and $ 19,626 button.

Coshocton County again dominated the state with 6,791 deer slaughtered.

Other counties with a strong harvest of deer include:

Tuscarawas (6,158), Ashtabula (5,662), Lick (5,549), Knox (5,247), Muskingum (5,171), Holmes (4,833), Guernsey (4,809), Carroll (4,123) and Trumbull ( 4,014).


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