An abundance of outdoor adventure is expected to begin this month for licensed hunters.

A hunting license can still be purchased, although locating a hunter safety course at this point can be problematic.

The grouse and rabbit hunting seasons will open on Saturday, October 16. Young rabbit season is underway for those looking to get young hunters out into the field. At the start of the season, rabbits are abundant, but so are the thick vegetation in which they tend to hide. Hunting the edges should produce rabbit sightings without shredding a new hunting vest.

A youth pheasant hunt will take place from Saturday to October 16, giving young hunters with a pheasant stamp the first chance on public land that has been stocked with birds. The pheasant season will open the following Saturday for adult hunters who purchase the pheasant hunting stamp.

Dove and Squirrel Seasons opened in September, but hunters will be able to harvest them all this month and through November.

Archery hunters now regularly enter the woods with the hope of a legal deer opportunity. The antlerless deer hunt will also take place on October 16.

The opening day of the duck season is Saturday.

With so many hunting options in October, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which species to pursue.

The popularity of archery deer hunting has increased dramatically in recent years. Healthy herds and extensive habitat provide deer hunting in a variety of formats. Tree hunting is perhaps the most popular method to shoot a white-tailed deer.

Archery hunters should continue to practice shooting as much as possible now that the season is underway. Having a target in the backyard allows it to take a hit or two to make sure everything is always properly aligned.

Prioritizing what’s important this month will make it more likely to create outdoor memories in October. With limited days available, vacations must be scheduled so that a few days of hunting can be followed. Once the materials are gathered and the hunt planned, another day can make the difference in success.

Very often it can take a few days for the puzzle to be solved as to where the game is located and what it does. Allowing yourself an extra day or two for the hunting trip will rarely be regretted. After a long, hot summer, the promise of enjoying a crisp October morning in pursuit of game is exciting.

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