Need another doe license, or two or three?

Monday was the first day antlerless deer licenses were available over the counter statewide.

Earlier this week, 7,800 antlerless deer licenses were still available out of an allocation of 31,000 for Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 5A, which includes Cumberland County. WMU 4B, which also owns part of Cumberland, has been sold.

Over-the-counter woodless license sales are handled solely by county treasurers, and although this series of woodless license applications continues to be referred to as the “over-the-counter sales” series, requests during this series are now accepted by mail, as well.

If you are mailing requests during this round, follow a procedure similar to previous rounds. License applications for any WMU can be sent in an official pink envelope to any participating county treasurer, listed on page 29 of the Pennsylvania Hunting & Trapping Digest 2021-22.

A hunter can make multiple requests during that round and can send up to three requests in the same envelope.

Each hunter can now hold up to six active antlerless permits at a time. Thus, hunters who have applied for and received a permit in each first round of sales and the first and second rounds of “unsold licenses” will have three when the counter sales begin. This is the maximum a hunter can have before September 13. These hunters can purchase three more after September 13 to reach their personal limit. Then, as they harvest deer and report the harvests through HuntFishPA, they can purchase additional licenses (if licenses remain available) to get back to their personal limit of six.

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