Audley Isaacs, a junior linebacker, runs to the end zone with the ball during the Owls’ game against the Navy at Lincoln Financial Field on November 27. The Owls would lose 38-14. | AMBER RITSON / TEMPLE NEWS

Temple University football (3-9.1-7 The American Athletic Conference) lost 38-14 to tNavy (3-8.3-5 The American) on Saturday in their last game of the season.

Although the Owls’ last game featured total team effort, they made sloppy mistakes on both sides of the ball, allowing the contenders to take advantage of every position they had, preventing Temple from taking the lead.

“If the offense helped more, I think the defense was good enough to win today too,” said head coach Rod Carey. “I have certainly felt it the last few weeks here, but the offense hasn’t done enough.”

Temple was in a 14-point hole early in the game after senior Navy backback Chance Warren caught a 15-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter.

But Temple’s offense gained the momentum it needed in the eighth minute of the second quarter when second-year Midshipmen quarterback Tai Lavatai missed the ball at the one-yard line. that Owls first-year safety Alex Odom picked up.

After Odom’s recovery, junior running back Ra’Von Bonner then rushed for a one-yard touchdown, reducing the Navy’s lead to 14.

However, the Owls’ simple mistakes hurt them in the long run.

On a Midshipmen’s punt return in the second quarter, second-year redshirt wide receiver Amad Anderson Jr. dropped the ball and was picked up by senior Navy fullback James Harris ll. Then Navy sophomore quarterback Xavier Arline fumbled back-to-back shots, forcing the Navy to kick the field.

Redshirt-freshman Temple replacement quarterback Mariano Valenti replaced true freshman Justin Lynch midway through the first quarter. Carey made the decision to change quarterbacks because he felt Lynch was not seeing and making the plays that were necessary, he said.

“It was necessary to arrive at [Valenti] to give us a chance, ”he added.

On a crucial fourth and four crucial points in the third quarter, Navy senior backback Carlinos Acie rushed 23 yards to Temple’s three-yard line, giving them the first try before senior back Isaac Ruoss don’t rush three yards down the middle for the touchdown.

Temple responded quickly in the next practice with a four-yard rushing touchdown by graduate student Tayvon Ruley, making it a ten-point game. Ruley fumbled for the ball twice in the game.

The Owls’ offense showed a slight improvement in the second half, totaling 133 yards from their 49 yards in the first half.

Navy held possession for the majority of the fourth quarter, completing two more rushing touchdowns that extended their lead to 24 points by the end of the game.

Ahead of the game, the Owls honored 15 players for the senior day, including Ruley, graduate student safety Amir Tyler and graduate student wide receiver Randle Jones.

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