There’s a new Pennsylvania Buckmasters record in the books. He is owned by Neil Stewart and his 12 point colt North Huntingdon. The deer was captured on September 16, 2021 by the lifelong hunter who, at 29, has hunted with his father and brother since he was 12, according to the Tribune Review.

“Hunting is in my blood. My dad did it, my dad did it, and my dad passed it on to us,” Stewart told local news. “Not only do I love deer hunting, but I have two German Shorthaired Pointers, and we’ve hunted with them. And that’s another thing that my dad and my dad passed on to us and to my brother.

The 12-point male, whom Stewart dubbed the “Loch Ness Monster”, was well known in the North Huntingdon area. His friends and neighbors have reported seeing the murderer on and off for the past two years, but it was actually one of Stewart’s non-hunting neighbors who tipped him off.

“My neighbor across the street, he left his garage door open, and when he turned around to come home, he saw it in a front yard in my neighborhood,” Stewart said. “He doesn’t hunt, so he texted me, and he knows I hunt. He was like, ‘Man, I saw a trophy or a monstrous monster in our neighborhood, definitely a trophy. I couldn’t even count the points.

What’s even better is that Stewart had permission to hunt the property the buck called home. He “decided to take a risk and settle in the lumber line, no support, no shade,” according to a post on the Steel City Bowhunters Facebook page. It was just him and his crossbow, which he recently changed after a shoulder injury left him unable to use his compound bow.

Stewart shared the story with Steel City Bowhunters last fall.

“I usually use a compound bow, but I injured my shoulder and stretched some of my ligaments. I couldn’t shoot my bow,” Stewart explained. bought him a crossbow a few years ago, and since his dad died he’s not as great at deer hunting as he used to be, so I shot the buck with that because I could’ I don’t even draw my bow.

Stewart was able to take his life’s money with his crossbow at 20 yards. He took a great shot, got a full pass, and the deer went down just 15 yards downriver from where he was hit.

After seeing photos of the impressive buck on social media, Buckmasters master scorer Will Leonard sat down with Stewart to tag the deer. He gave the 12-pointer a final score of 190 7/8, making him Pennsylvania’s all-time No. 1 in the Buckmasters Perfect Division.

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Buckmasters uses its own scoring system, which differs from the Boone and Crockett system in several ways. The biggest differences between the two are that Buckmasters makes no deductions for differences between the lengths or circumferences of opposing typical points, and it does not account for the measurement of spread inside the rack.

“The full-credit scoring system takes nothing away from the rack,” Buckmasters explains on its website. “He just measures every inch of wood and grades it accordingly.”