INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Police hope the fight against crime will soon become a little easier as face-to-face events return.

On Tuesday, the Metropolitan Indianapolis Police Department will host its first Coffee With a Cop meeting since February of last year. The event comes as the city struggles to stop a record number of homicides. There were no homicides in Indianapolis this weekend.

However, as the Reverend Charles Harrison of the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition pointed out in a Tweeter, several people were shot and stabbed again, an issue that police say they are doing their best to deal with.

“We are happy that no one was killed or that we did not commit homicide, but in the same breath, we are still frustrated because we still have people resulting from this gun violence,” he said. ‘Officer William Young.

It’s a growing problem nationwide, but Young said the IMPD is focusing on solutions for the local community, including more community events. He says they are working.

“We’ve seen this happen when people start dialing this 262-TIPS where they can remain anonymous. Many of these crimes cannot be solved without the cooperation of the community, ”Young said.

Some neighbors are not convinced that Coffee With a Cop is the answer.

“I think that the people who don’t get along with the police will not be the ones who will be involved in these police involvement, it will be the people who will say: ‘Oh yes, we love the police’, who will help them out” said Jared Jackson, a resident of Indianapolis.

“The problem areas, the ones I live in, there is not a strong police presence and there is a lot of gun violence and there are several times where there is gunfire and the police are not. not even called, ”Tyler Jackson, another Indianapolis resident, mentioned.

They believe that part of the solution may be beyond the police.

“The police just enforce the law, there are good guys and bad guys obviously, but the cops don’t sit there making the laws, they sit there doing what they’re told,” he said. Jared Jackson.

“The amount of guns on the street is a concern and I think if you get caught with an illegal gun you should probably be prosecuted a little more than just probation or something,” Tyler added. Jackson.

But Young said right now it’s the commitment and support of the community that is most needed.

“I think it’s more important than any politician, any public official. I think it’s so important that the community itself, the grassroots, the summits, support us, ”Young told News 8.

The Café avec un copic event takes place from 2 to 4 at Gomez barbecue, located at 2827 E 10th Street.

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