By Garrett Dvorkin

Journalist of the Herald

FRANKLIN, Venango County – Venango County Commissioners have approved a set of questions that will allow work to continue on the new Venango County Recycling Center, which will open in July.

Commissioners approved a grant and contracts for internet service and a dumpster to be installed at the site at Tuesday’s meeting.

Commissioners voted unanimously to approve a DEP 902 grant for the recycling center. The recycling center, located at the Venango Regional Airport, will provide all county residents with a place to pick up their recyclables.

The grant from the Department of Environmental Protection amounts to $ 388,887. The county match is the rental value of the building.

Venango Planning executive director Jason Ruggiero said the funds will be used for equipment, storage and potentially a loading dock at the facility.

The establishment is currently without Internet access. The county plans to run the facility over the county’s Internet service, but this is not yet possible.

In the meantime, the county has approved a monthly internet service contract for the facility until it can be replaced by the county service. Currently, the site requires an Internet connection for the offices inside the building as well as for the security systems.

While the facility will try to recycle waste for county residents, it will produce waste. To manage the waste produced at the facility, the commissioners approved a contract with Tri-County Industries to have a dumpster at the recycling center.

Commissioner Mike Dulaney is delighted with the opening of the new site. He said that currently only residents of Venango County’s two towns – Franklin and Oil City – have a designated place to pick up recyclables.

The new site, according to Dulaney, “gives everyone in the county a place to recycle,” which he called “the responsible thing to do.”

In other cases, commissioners have voted unanimously to make Venango County a Second Amendment county.

Commissioner Sam Breene said this was something that had been brewing for years and that he had received emails constantly asking him when the Commissioners were going to act on it.

At the meeting, members of the Venango County 2nd Amendment Sanctuary, who have collected signatures since 2019 for this to happen. Breene said this resolution gives “further Second Amendment defense”. He also said the county was “happy to join the ranks” of counties that have passed similar resolutions supporting the right to bear arms.

As the movement gathered momentum across the country, Breene said that in Pennsylvania, Venango County is among the first to adopt.

Meeting Notes

—Hundreds of archers will converge on Two Mile Run County Park this weekend for the International Archery Organization competition.

The IBO holds three events known as the “triple crown” of archery. The Middle Jewel of the Triple Crown takes place this weekend in Venango County.

Park Superintendent Luke Kauffman expects nearly 900 shooters to attend the event.

Commissioner Dulaney said: “I have been looking forward to one of the first big events for the county for a while.”

—Crosby Beach Swim officially opens this weekend at Two Mile County Park. The beach was open last weekend due to the good weather as a ‘soft opening’. Kauffman said the park “looks forward to a busy summer.”

—The commissioners approved a floodplain management agreement with the Township of Oil Creek. The agreement gives the municipality access to technical assistance for the management and access to the manager of the county’s floodplain. The agreement also governs construction and development in floodplains for best practice.

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