I wanted to ask a reiki practitioner: is this a thing? “Yes, that makes sense,” said Gemma Gough, a London-based sound and energy therapist. “Crystals and essential oils are beneficial because they give higher vibrational energy and used correctly can absolutely aid in self-healing.”

I was intrigued by this “higher vibrational energy”, which is best explained by the fact that psychic vampires, by nature parasitic people who crack down on empaths, have “low vibrational energy”. It’s the thoughts and feelings that can raise or lower our vibrations, and this has been discussed since ancient times, according to Gough.

But let’s be honest: for all the power of reiki and lavender, it might seem silly that a spray keeps negative presences in your life away. Maybe it’s quite the placebo to have a sweet floral aroma around you that puts you in a good position. In Gough’s mind, however, that doesn’t mean it’s unnecessary. “As each cell listens, each cell hears our feelings, our thoughts and reacts accordingly,” she said. “Therefore, vaporizing the elixir, which they believe will help drive negative people away from them, can trigger a sense of security… increasing vibrations through the power of thought.”