ILION – News that the historic company Remington Arms is moving its headquarters to Georgia has fueled fears over whether the company, founded in Ilion in 1816, would leave New York entirely.

Officials at RemArms, the gunmaker’s new owners, however, say the move is unrelated to manufacturing jobs at the Ilion plant; in fact, officials told the Albany Times-Union that they also plan to expand manufacturing in Ilion. “At Ilion, we are increasing production and trying to hire more employees. All the executive staff have spent a lot of time at Ilion, we are very satisfied with the work done and are confident that we will be able to increase production at Ilion if necessary, ”company officials told The Times. -Union.

The owners said they wanted to be based in Georgia because of New York’s gun control laws.

Even though Ilion is believed to be Remington’s original location, the current headquarters are recently in Alabama, where the company was filed for Connecticut bankruptcy last year.

More than 700 people were working at the Ilion factory when the previous owners went bankrupt. The new owners, a consortium of investors known as the Roundhill Group, bought the company and changed its official name to RemArms.

About 220 unionized workers are now at the plant, said Phil Smith, spokesperson for United Mine Workers of America, which represents the employees. It was not clear how many management staff are there.

Earlier in the year, Remington had opposed a proposal, which has since been enacted, that could hold gunmakers accountable if it turns out they are irresponsibly fueling the criminal gun market. fire. Remington went bankrupt in part because of lawsuits in which survivors of the 2012 Sandy Hook School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut sued the company. One of their assault rifles, known as the Bushmaster, was used in the school shooting.