Macon Speedway, located in Macon, IL, hosted a wingless sprint car race for the first time since 2009. The show was good, in part thanks to the sponsorship of Judy Smith and Tony Robertson in addition to a group of drivers. competitive. .

Former Ventura, Calif. Native Ricky Lewis decided to make the last minute trip from Indiana to compete for the first time in a 1/5 mile facility. The decision turned out to be a good one, as he started off the front row and led every round of the 25-lap event. Lewis was put under pressure for a while by open-wheel veteran Zach Daum before Daum got involved in a spin. When the checkerboard fell, it was Rippin Ricky, followed by Logan Faucon, Brock Hunnell, Nate McMillin and Shane O’Banion.

New driver from Berlin, IL, Jose Parga, continued his unbeaten streak on the track in the Decatur Building Trades Pro Late Model division. Parga had to work hard for this, as Taylorville, IL driver Braden Johnson was behind the wheel and in the lead for the first half of the race. Parga was followed at the end by Johnson, Colby Sheppard, Colby Eller and Storm Beiler.

Speaking of domination, the Modified class was owned by Tommy Sheppard, Jr. in 2021. This Saturday night was no different as Sheppard won his fourth race in six tries despite a talented Modified field. Guy Taylor came home in second, followed by Billy Knebel, Jeremy Nichols and Kyle Helmick.

After a Pro Modified Championship on the track a year ago, IL’s Pocahontas, Billy Knebel has now found his way to victory this season. Knebel managed to fend off challenges from Kyle Helmick, Jake Montgomery, Nick Justice and Nathan Lynch.

Bobby Beiler, of Blue Mound, IL, led all but one in the Archers Alley Street Stock event. Fortunately for Beiler, it was the first lap he did not lead but led the last 14 laps. For Beiler, it was his third win of the season on the track. Jaret Duff finished in a solid second place, while Zach Taylor had a great run in third. Darrell Dick and Guy Taylor round out the top five.

Saturday’s action was rounded off by the DIRTcar Hornet class. Points leader Allan Harris continued his strong season by winning his third feature film of the year. Billy Mason, Shelby Beiler, Nick Clubb and Bill Basso completed the top five.

Macon Speedway will then be in action on Saturday June 12 when Archers Alley Big Ten Street Stocks headline the event with the Jayne Excavating & Welding 30 laps feature. The event will pay $ 750 to win. Six other classes will also be in action. A Kids Power Wheel demonstration derby will also be organized.


Off-wing sprints by J Smith and T Robertson

  1. 11-Ricky Lewis[2]; 2. 52F-Logan Falcon[4]; 3.8-Broc Hunnell[8]; 4.24-Nate McMillin[12]; 5.33S-Shane O’Banion[6]; 6. 27-Steve Thomas[10]; 7. 31-Zach Daum[1]; 8. 29-Mitch Wissmiller[3]; 9. 70-Eric Shelton[5]; 10. 90-Patrick Budde[13]

Decatur Building Trades Pro Late Models

  1. 6P-José Parga[1]; 2.14J-Braden Johnson[2]; 3.27-Colby Sheppard[3]; 4.15M-Colby Eller[5]; 5.33B-Storm Beiler[6]; 6. 21-Jarod Shasteen[7]; 7.5B-Brandon Sweitzer[9]; 8. 4-Jon Easley[8]; 9. 11-Ryan Miller[4]; 10. 25-Dakota Ewing[10]

Changes to

  1. T6-Tommy Sheppard Jr[2]; 2. 77-Guy Taylor[4]; 3. 52-Billy Knebel[6]; 4.517-Jeremy Nichols[5]; 5.27X-Kyle Helmick[7]; 6. 87C-Alan Crowder[1]; 7. 78-Maxx Emerson[9]; 8. 28S-Joe Strawkas[10]; 9. 71-Jeff Graham[8]; 10. 51-Jérémie Hoadley[11]

DIRTcar Pro mods

  1. 52-Billy Knebel[6]; 2.27X-Kyle Helmick[7]; 3. 215-Jake Montgomery[2]; 4.36-Nick Justice[14]; 5.14N-Nathan Lynch[12]; 6. 116-Kevin Rench[8]; 7.3X-Justin Reynolds[10]; 8. 14E-Evan Lynch[13]; 9. 24-Guy Taylor[17]; 10. 33-Josh Robb[4]

Archers Alley Street Actions

  1. B26-Bobby Beiler[1]; 2.21-Jaret Duff[5]; 3. Z24-Zach Taylor[3]; 4.22-Darrell Dick[10]; 5. X7-Guy Taylor[6]; 6. Room 3J-Jonathon[9]; 7. 08-Brian Dasenbrock[4]; 8. 80-Brian Dasenbrock Jr[8]; 9. 25-Greg Osman[14]; 10. 808-John Bright Jr[12]

Hornets DIRTcar

  1. 3H-Allan Harris[2]; 2.357-Billy Mason[4]; 3.324-Shelby Beiler[1]; 4. 86-Nick Clubb[5]; 5.44 bass tickets[3]; 6. 9Z-Zac Miller[8]; 7. 187-Korey Bailey[6]; 8. J13-Justin Coffey[7]; 9. 24H-Mike Harrison[9]; 10. 2-Jordan Reed[11]

PR Speedway in Mâcon

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