Gay influencer Sam Cushing has apologized after his trip to Mexico – but not all fans are convinced. (Youtube)

Gay influencer Sam Cushing faces backlash from fans after he half-heartedly apologized for flying overseas.

Cushing, which has more than 500,000 subscribers on Instagram, has a huge LGBT + fan base – but many felt disappointed when they found out he was one of the many gay men who made it to Mexico ahead of New Years Eve despite the increase in hospitalizations for coronavirus.

The influencer was one of many gay men “exposed” by the anonymous Instagram account GaysOverCovid, which shared information about influencers breaking coronavirus restrictions to attend parties and go on vacation abroad.

Cushing – who made his Instagram account private after facing a backlash for traveling abroad – apologized on his Instagram Stories on Wednesday (Jan. 13).

“After a lot of soul-searching, it’s too strange to move forward without considering recent comments,” Cushing wrote in the post, which was captured and shared widely on social media.

“To those who were upset – I hear you, I really do. I apologize and take full responsibility. I will continue to take things seriously and promote mitigation measures as I always have (i.e. sanitation, masks, testing).

“Yes, I felt the repercussions of my mistake and I will continue to take this time to think and learn. “

Cushing then denied attending any of the controversial circuit parties that took place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and other resorts, saying he was instead on vacation abroad to celebrate d ‘a friend.

Sam Cushing has denounced “false stories” surrounding his vacation in Mexico.

He wrote: “To those who jump to conclusions here are the facts – December being my first flight since the virus, I was informed before leaving that any risk to others / me was minimal after testing positive for them. antibody and twice negative for COVID (PCR).

“Unlike false accounts, I didn’t attend any large-scale events or bars (I was there to hang out for a close friend’s birthday). Anyway, I shouldn’t have gone.

He concluded: “To all who sent relevant messages – thank you for the love. I appreciate you.”

Many were unimpressed with Cushing’s apology on Twitter, with some criticizing him for trying to justify his travel plans.

Some disgruntled fans have noted that Cushing has repeatedly urged his supporters to carefully observe coronavirus restrictions by staying at home in the past, with many criticizing him for not taking his own advice.

Others simply suggested that his apology came too late.

RoseNews contacted Sam Cushing for comment.

Cushing’s apology comes after an anonymous Instagram account, called GaysOverCovid, sparked a sort of “civil war” within the LGBT + community after sharing information about gay men ignoring coronavirus advice and restrictions and attending parties abroad.

Some gay people have criticized the account, saying publicly shaming gay men for flouting pandemic restrictions won’t change their behavior – however, a significant number of people have praise on the anonymous vigilante for denouncing bad behavior that endangers the health and well-being of people.

An earlier version of this article stated that Sam Cushing apologized for flouting coronavirus restrictions by flying overseas. That was incorrect: he apologized for flying overseas, but there are currently no restrictions on flights from the United States to Mexico.

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