Unsurprisingly, Samantha Bee is still killing the game after her second episode of “Full Frontal”. This week, Bee addressed Scalia’s successor and the GOP debate.

On Mitch McConnell’s argument that President Obama, as a lame president, should forgo a Supreme Court nomination: “What better way to honor America’s greatest champion of original intent than to wipe out your obstructive ass on the very document he holds so dear. “

“Let’s just make a Supreme Court job for a year because a chinless dildo wants a judge who will use his hammer to plug your abortion hole,” Bee added. “Filling vacancies on the court is one of only three jobs a president actually has: appointing judges, bombing shit out of the Middle East, and forgiving the turkey. That’s it.”

Despite his staunchly conservative positions, “we can still find great things to say about him,” Bee said of Scalia. “If you love the freedom to play violent video games, watch Internet pornography, and grow weed in your home without the police using thermal imaging to stop you, you have a debt to Antonin Scalia. “

“You probably work on my staff as well,” Bee added.

Watch Samantha Bee’s point analysis below:

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