This week marked the penultimate episode of this season of Batwoman, and the conflict only escalates with Black Mask. Meanwhile, Luke, Mary and Sophie are overjoyed to reunite with Kate, but Ryan senses something is wrong. Read on to find out what happened in “Kane, Kate”.

Batwoman is at Janus Cosmetics for information on the whereabouts of Black Mask. The security guard she pins claims he doesn’t know anything, but Batwoman sees right through him. She makes him admit that Black Mask has gone into hiding but knows nothing else.

Back at the Bat Cave, Luke doesn’t believe the news. He tells Ryan that there is still no lead on Kate via traffic cameras, and Mary tells him that no one has admitted a Jane Doe to the hospital. She receives a call from The Hold Up about a “belligerent drunkard”. Ryan goes to check and finds out that the drunk person is Kate.

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Mary and Ryan bring Kate to the apartment, and Kate apparently has a hint of gratitude with Mary, but in the end, she doesn’t. Mary and Ryan come down the stairs where Sophie and Luke are waiting. Mary and Sophie are delighted that Kate is back, but Ryan is suspicious. The other three think Kate just needs more time. Mary then says that Jacob was right that Kate needed Alice.

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Alice is still in the wagon crying over Ocean’s body. Mary shows up and, fueled by grief, Alice nails her to a pole, a knife to her throat, and demands that Mary bring Ocean back. Mary manages to tell him that it won’t bring Ocean back. Alice returns to Ocean again, and Mary sympathizes. Alice wants to know why Mary is there. Mary thanks Alice for bringing Kate back, but Alice is overwhelmed by what it cost her. Marie leaves shortly after.

Luke grabs Kate’s diaries from the Bat Cave when Ryan finds it. He says he wants to fill in the gaps in Kate’s memory, but Ryan thinks it’s more than that. She reminds him of all the trauma Kate has suffered since they last saw her. Luke isn’t worried and Ryan ultimately concedes. After Luke leaves, Ryan looks at the suit with concern and doubt.

Luke brings the diaries to Kate, hoping they’ll remind her of who she is. They fall into a rhythm of familiar banter, and Luke hands him the keys to his motorcycle. She takes it for a ride, arriving at a dilapidated television studio. Inside, she greets her father … who turns out to be Roman. She hands over the logs, telling Roman that they are like a “how-to” guide to infiltrate the bat cave. Another person takes a newspaper, and it’s Safiyah.

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Ryan packs his things at the apartment, intending to leave. Sophie arrives and Ryan notices that she was expecting to find Kate. Sophie points out that Ryan is packing and Ryan says she wants to make room for Kate. Sophie offers Ryan her sofa with a trundle bed, but Ryan indicates that she is heading back to her van. Sophie tells Ryan she doesn’t have to give it all up, but Ryan’s doubt takes over. Sophie goes on to remind Ryan of the good she’s done, but Ryan responds with everything that happened with Black Mask. Speaking of which, Sophie tells him that Black Mask has started recruiting ex-Crows.

Roman gives a passionate speech to said group of ex-Crows, including Tavaroff. As he speaks, his henchmen reveal a table full of various weapons. He continues his speech, finally removing and putting on the Black Mask. He leaves the Crows free to choose their weapons, but Tavaroff stays put. Black Mask approaches him, curious, and Tavaroff wants to know what he gets out of it; he does not want to be another “cog in the machine”.

A guy is working in an office when the lights go out. Batwoman begins to speak but remains hidden. The guy wants to know what she wants, and she mentions the ex-Crows that Roman has on his payroll. The guy closes his laptop and says he won’t say anything. Batwoman replies that he doesn’t need it and the lights come on. When the guy looks down, his laptop is missing.

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Ryan brings the laptop to the bat cave, but no one is there. She hears voices and spots Luke, Mary and Kate talking through the security wire. Later, she returns to her van. She talks to her mother through the now empty flowerpot. She realizes that maybe the reason she’s so adamant that Kate isn’t ready to come back is because Ryan isn’t ready to go. She adds that she knows her mother would tell her to make the most of the time she has left. So Ryan begins to search the computer. GCPD intrudes and forces her out of the van. They search him and find the laptop, knowing it’s not his. They also pull out a bag full of Snake Bite syringes, obviously knowing these don’t belong to him either, but claim they do. Soon after, they arrest Ryan.

Alice brings Ocean’s ashes to the ocean (how poetic). As she throws them away, she looks back on their time together on Coryana. While Alice is doing her thing, Safiyah appears.

Ryan arrives at the GCPD, and the cop who drove her leaves her in the car. Moments later, Roman climbs inside. The two bicker until Roman reveals that he knows Ryan is Batwoman and hints that he wants to team up with her. He thinks they have things in common and that Batwoman shouldn’t be the only vigilante. He asks if it feels good, and Ryan says it does because she helps those who are helpless and trapped in a broken system. She explains how Circe was one of those people. She understands why Roman does what he does, but the way he does it does not honor Circe’s memory. Roman tries to push him aside, saying he doesn’t care what a repeat offender has to say – and who will soon be facing a judge. Roman is ready to get rid of Ryan and Batwoman.

In the Bat Cave, Luke tells Mary that Ryan has been arrested. Mary starts to panic, saying they need the whole team. She asks where Kate is, and Kate is at Hold Up with Sophie. Sophie just gave Kate the letter she left Sophie, hoping that something will happen. Kate doesn’t know how to answer. Sophie feels bad, but Kate assures her that she’s glad Sophie brought it. Sophie receives a text and tells Kate that Ryan has been arrested.

Sophie and Kate head to the Bat Cave, and Sophie asks how Roman knew Ryan was Batwoman. Luke doesn’t know, but he pulled out the GCPD schematics. However, not knowing who is and isn’t in Roman’s payroll, they don’t know who to trust and how to free Ryan undetected. Mary gives Kate the batsuit, and Kate takes it. She walks over to something on the gun wall as Sophie volunteers to accompany Kate. Kate thinks it’s a sweet feeling before she shoots Sophie, Mary, and Luke with tranquilizer darts.

In an interrogation room, Susan (Ryan’s parole officer) berates Ryan for being arrested. Ryan tries to defend himself, but Susan refuses to listen. When Ryan says she won’t come out of the building alive, Susan finally decides to hear from Ryan. Ryan reveals that she is Batwoman and Susan is once again in disbelief. Ryan begins to join her as two cops enter to take her somewhere. Susan stops them and says she needs to talk to the judge; she thinks Ryan is being tricked. One of them shoots a gun at Susan, and Ryan breaks their hold and takes them both down. More of them, and Ryan takes them off too. Susan gives Ryan her badge to exit the parking lot. Before leaving, Ryan thanks Susan for believing her.

Back on the beach, Alice notices Tatiana’s absence, and Safiyah says it’s because she doesn’t want Alice dead. However, Alice is ready and tries to kill Safiyah. Safiyah easily stops him and takes the knife. Safiyah says she killed Ocean, because Alice burned Coryana. She wants to end the conflict between them, but Alice doesn’t think it’s over. Safiyah claims she is trying to save Alice from confinement, and Safiyah is Alice’s only refuge. Then she throws the knife into the water.

Luke, Mary and Sophie wake up and find themselves trapped in the elevator. Sophie points out that they have been duped. Luke is angry, but Mary thinks there is still some Kate left. Luke agrees, but just enough to give him “the keys to the castle”. In a deeper area of ​​the Bat Cave, Circe wanders through different rooms. She finally finds the one she wants, with a biohazard case full of items that Batman has confiscated from his enemies. Circe finds the main one she wants: one of Poison Ivy’s vines.

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Ryan returns to the Bat Cave and finds the team. They tell her about Circe but don’t know where she went. Ryan goes to find something to cut through the bars, but the weapon wall is empty. An arrow shoots right in front of his head and Circe has returned, armed with a crossbow. Ryan is hiding behind the desk and is gone when Circe reaches his seat.

Safiyah wants Alice to return to Coryana with her, but Alice becomes facetious. Safiyah tells her that thanks to Poison Ivy’s vineyard, Coryana will regain her former glory. Alice doesn’t care much… until Safiyah reveals that Circe was the one who helped get the vine.

Ryan is still hiding, so Circe starts shooting Luke and Sophie. Mary tries to pass but in vain. Ryan appears and sprinkles Circe with a fire extinguisher before hitting her with it. The two begin to fight and Luke grabs the crossbow that Circe dropped. Unable to do so, Mary tries to reach him with her belt as Luke and Sophie dislodge the arrows from the wall. They use the arrows to lift the elevator door. Circe knocks Ryan down and starts hitting her with the fire extinguisher. Sophie, holding the crossbow, catches his attention, but Circe knows she won’t shoot (and she doesn’t). Knowing that she is free, Circe leaves.

Safiyah continues to try to convince Alice to leave with her, citing that she is Alice’s only family. Alice starts to cry; she knows. Safiyah hugs her, and as they kiss, Alice stabs Safiyah with the coated Desert Rose knife.

The team of bats heads for the biohazard room, which has been cleaned by Circe. Luke tells them what was there before apologizing to Ryan for not listening to her. Ryan says it doesn’t matter now. Circe escaped with the batmobile and all the weapons.

Roman has the villain’s items laid out on a table where Tavaroff watches and asks questions about them. Roman says he wants to “succeed where they failed” and picks up a huge cylinder of venom. Meanwhile, Circe cuts out the bat costume.

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