Shawn mendes recently opened up to the difficulty of finding a hobby outside of music. During a conversation on the Spout podcast, Mendes admitted that he struggled to find a hobby that was not related to music. The singer has revealed that he has trouble “putting the guitar down” or picking up anything unrelated to the music.

“I mean, I think the real reality is that I have a hard time putting the guitar down and I have a hard time figuring out what to do apart from my job and apart from the music, and like, I’m completely obsessed with that, ”Shawn explained, via Just Jared. Stating that he is currently exploring hobbies, Shawn said he returned to archery after playing the Game of Thrones series. “Archery was about watching all the seasons of Game of Thrones and it was just trying to live a Rob Stark life,” he said. LOL, ”Shawn added, via Just Jared.

“So for better or worse I’m looking for a hobby right now but like, I think for me it’s just like, exploring, like, all of these things just explore for me and I think something’s going to probably click sooner or later, but until then I’m going to stick with the coffee and workout and workout most of the time, ”Shawn said, quickly changing the subject for Game of Thrones, and how it ends upset fans.

Shawn gushed about the series and called the series “phenomenal and” breathtaking “despite some fan reaction to the contrary after the last episode. Shawn explained how much he enjoyed watching the show on TV, which made it so ‘prompted him to engage in archery.

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