Firewood is an essential element in Skyrim to craft arrows, bolts and crossbow, as well as to improve stone crushing weapons. Obtaining firewood can be tricky, and since you need it in large quantities, especially if you are using a bow and arrow, it can become problematic, unless you know where to look for it.

This guide will tell you how to get firewood and where to find it in Skyrim.

How to get firewood in Skyrim

You can find some ready-made firewood at Highpoint Tower and Volkihar Dungeons, located under Volkihar Castle, Haafingar.

However, the best way to get firewood Skyrim is to use a lumberjack ax with wooden blocks which are scattered all over the place.

Once you get the ax, you can chop wood blocks resulting in 2x firewood per chop. One logging session is equivalent to 3 cuts and 6x firewood respectively. This process takes about 30 seconds.

Wooden chopping blocks

Here are all the locations of the logs in Skyrim:

The hold
East March Venthelm
Cave of the Hills
Steamscorch mine
Mixed water mill
Crossing Dark Waters
Traitor post
Falkreath Dengeir’s house
Épervine Stormcloak Camp
The hunter’s rest
Coal mine
Half-moon mill
Shrine of the Dark Brotherhood
Manor with lake view
Bandit Camp: Ilinalta foothills
Haafingar Lylvieve family house
Dragon Bridge Logging Camp
Katla’s farm
Haafingar Stormcloak Camp
Broken oar cave
Ironback Stash
Pine Moon Cave
Hjaalmarch Deadly
the pale Dawn star
Moulin d’Anga
Vigilant Room
The scope Druadach Redoubt Cave
Hag Rock Redoubt
Reach the Imperial Camp
Former Hroldan Inn
The fault Riften
Spring Canyon
Whiterun General Belethor Goods
The banner mare
River wood
Farm born in battle
Whiterun River Watch
Stream camp interrupted
Winter fort Fishing Camp: Slaughterfish Bay
The Frozen Hearth Inn
Solstheim Skaal Village
Raven rock
Tour of the highest point
Damhall Mine
Bujold’s retreat
Bloodskal Wheelbarrow

Lumberjack ax

Players cannot craft or purchase a Lumberjack Ax, but you can simply find and collect this tool at the following locations:

The hold
East March Venthelm
Mixed water mill
Rochedorée mine
Mara’s Eye Lair
Gallows Rock
Ansilvund burial chambers
Windhelm Stables
Hlaalu farm
Falkreath Falkreath
Coal mine
Cave of the Lost Knife
Prospector’s hut
Haemar Cave
Haafingar Solitude
Katla’s farm
Thalmor Embassy
Northwatch Dungeon
Volkihar herd
Delicate Sload
Solitude Sawmill
Wolf Skull Cave
Hjaalmarch Ustengrav
Abandoned hut
the pale Moulin d’Anga
Auberge du Pic du Vent
The scope Markarth
Markarth stables
Redoubt of the Lost Valley
Fort Sungard
The fault Riften
Stone of Shor
Froki’s hut
Fall Watchtower
Faldar tooth
Hollow Broken Helm
Sarethi Farm
Black-Briar Lodge
Logging camp: Geir Lake
Chute-de-roche cave
Whiterun River wood
General Belethor Goods
Stream camp interrupted
Rivière Blanche watch
Blanche river
Cowflop Farm
Valtheim towers
Silent Moons Camp
Black shadow
Winter fort Winterhold College
Shrine of the Snow Veil
Alftand Glacial Ruins
Japheth’s folly
Solstheim Raven rock
Skaal Village
Bloodskal Wheelbarrow

Poacher’s Ax

Alternatively, you can get the Poacher’s Ax, which is a unique Lumberjack’s Ax that can also be used to obtain firewood.

Besides being able to chop firewood, he can also deal bonus damage to animals due to the Huntsman Prowess enchantment.

There are two places, where you can get the Poacher’s Ax:

  • Stream camp interrupted
  • Riverwood, Whiterun

Halted Stream Camp is a bandit camp located northwest of Whitewatch Tower in Whiterun Hold (indicated by the red marker on the map above). Usually one of the orc bandits carries the poacher’s ax next to a grindstone or inside the mine. You can easily defeat him and grab the ax.

If you don’t want to get involved with the bandits, you can search for the Riverwood Merchant (indicated by the green marker on the map above) named Lucan Valerius in Riverwood, Whiterun. He can sell you the Poacher’s Ax for around 30 gold.

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