Michelle Buteau has a moment right now; she’s been in a bunch of well-regarded movies, her podcast is popular and she is the host of the Netflix reality series The circle. Someone at Discovery + was smart enough to give the outgoing actress a travel show where she spends time with her funny girlfriends. Read on to learn more about Romantic weekend with Michelle Buteau

Opening shot: Michelle Buteau is on a pedal boat with a lifeguard, saying to the camera “I’m in the middle of the Mississippi… on purpose!”

The essential: Romantic weekend with Michelle Buteau takes the effervescent actress to the United States with her comedy buddies, just hanging out, talking about life and being funny without using a microphone in front of them and a brick wall behind them.

In the first episode, she travels the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her friend Tig Notaro, originally from that region. Like a blunder, she decided to surprise Tig by paddling up to her on this pedal boat. Then they both enter the lake and paddle the lake to shoot arrows with a vertical crossbow, with the inventor of this type of crossbow as a guide.

Much of the show’s “action” consists of connecting Buteau and Notaro in the car and over coffee or a drink, as you would if you were going with a friend on a short trip. However, they go to a ceramics workshop and make “balloon bowls,” which involves spreading clay around the bottom of an inflated balloon and doing a lot of hammering. While Notaro says impassively that Michelle is doing everything wrong, she also explains that she comes from a family of artists.

They cook classic Southern but vegan-style dishes for dinner, and bond over twin mothers and find time to adjust to their careers with motherhood. While having lunch the next day, Tig receives a text from his cousin inviting them both (and the crew) to boil crayfish that night, then they both go to an antique store. unusual. Before going to boil the crayfish, the two sit down at Tig’s favorite bar and talk about deep things like how some of their fellow comedians “got exposed” by #MeToo; Tig also mentions that some comics have “exposed” themselves, a not-so-subtle reference to his former boss, Louis CK.

Romantic weekend with Michelle Buteau
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What shows will this remind you of? Due to the funny and relaxed tone of Romantic weekend with Michelle Buteauwe remember more fun trips and food shows like Someone feed Phil, where Phil Rosenthal is funny without trying too hard, and only as a punctuation of what he experiences in the series.

Our opinion : One of the things we noticed about A weekend getaway This is how the show’s sense of humor crept up on us. Of course, Buteau and Notaro are two of the funniest people on the planet, so you’d expect some laughs in this series. But the laughter is so present, so spontaneous that it does not overwhelm the landscape or the activities in which Buteau and Notaro are engaged. It really feels like two funny friends are having fun together, even with camera and sound from people everywhere.

What we also liked was that the trip was not very ambitious; of course, both did things that were put in place by the producers in advance; even the crayfish boiling in Tig’s cousin was probably not as spontaneous as it was described. But the two stayed in a small area somewhere around St. Louis Bay, and much of what was shot was both eating, drinking, and making antiques.

Because the pace of the trip is so relaxed, the conversations they had were genuine. The deepest part was that they were both talking about how they must have let down friends in the company because they don’t equate people who have been misogynist and / or have committed sexual misconduct. It’s even more evident how much this affected Notaro, especially when she makes her not-so-veiled reference to Louis CK. But it also reflects the conversations we’ve had with good friends over beers, and we’re pretty sure you’ve had those conversations too.

Gender and skin: Nothing.

Starting shot: After Buteau explained how friendly everyone was on his trip, we moved on to “45 minutes later” because everyone at the crayfish boil is a bit more drunk. There are also outtakes of Buteau mocking the massive microphone the sound guy put in his face.

Sleeper Star: Buteau isn’t the sleep star of his own show, but it’s a good place to mention that his exhilaration on the trip is contagious.

Most pilot line: None that we can discern.

Our call: Stream it. Buteau is a fun travel hostess, with her sparkle and curiosity in the spotlight in Romantic weekend with Michelle Buteau. In the other two episodes sent in preview, she visits New Orleans with Sasheer Zamata and Malibu with Chelsea Peretti. Judging by his trip with Tig Notaro, these two episodes should be a lot of fun.

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