By Hannah Caver, Editor-in-Chief

TRUSSVILLE – State Auditor Jim Zeigler spoke at the Jefferson County Eastern Region Republican Club on Thursday, September 30 at 5 p.m. at Sherry’s Cafe.

State Auditor Jim Zeigler
(Photo courtesy of Bama Politics)

Ziegler said that while he has not made an official announcement regarding his campaign to run for governor of Alabama, he has filed campaign documents with the secretary of state. He explained that he was doing everything he could to earn the trust of the citizens of East Jefferson County.

“I do more to try and win your vote than everyone else put together,” Zeigler said.

He explained that he would potentially host an event and invite multiple news outlets to cover the announcement if they formally announce his candidacy for governor.

“We would like to organize an event or something that will get media coverage from the state,” Zeigler said. “We could even do it here in Ferus.”

Zeigler explained on several points that he viewed Gov. Kay Ivey’s initiatives as “flawed” and his goals of doing his best for the citizens of Alabama. He said he meant connected and available to the people of Alabama, so they could see he had their best interests at heart.

He explained that his opposition to Governor Ivey’s gas tax initiative launched in 2019 had been “crushed” and that this would be the last time the governor would “crush” the citizens of Alabama.

In addition to the gasoline tax, Zeigler shared Governor Ivey’s plans to impose tolls on bridges and roads statewide. These include the I-10 toll bridge over Mobile Bay, forcing motorists to pay $ 6 each time they pass. Although the Metropolitan Planning Organization had to approve the project, Ziegler said residents of Mobile and Baldwin counties who opposed the tolls were reaching out to their local mayors and council members.

“When there was a vote in front of the Eastern Shore Metropolitan Planning Organization, we beat it with an eight to one vote, and the only vote we lost was ALDOT,” Zeigler said.

Further, Zeigler said that “Ivey and the insiders” wanted Legislative Amendment 1 “that would have been Montgomery insiders taking over this huge education budget.” “

Zeigler explained how he and his wife co-chaired the no vote on Amendment 1, the Board of Education-appointed amendment in Alabama., and on March 3, 2o2o which got 75 percent no vote from us, the people.

“If we can raise enough money to get the word out, we have a 75% potential to think like we do, who don’t want government from insiders, for insiders, by insiders. Said Zeigler. “We want government for the taxpayer public. “

Finally, Zeigler said Governor Ivey’s $ 3 billion Ivey prison rental plan was “flawed.” He said he and hundreds of other activists researched the plan and “found legal flaws, financial flaws, construction flaws.”

He asked how Governor Ivey’s prison plan would contribute to inmate suicide prevention, mental health services or lack thereof, repeat offender recidivism, or rehabilitation? After having mentioned the “flaws” of the plan, all the investors withdrew from the agreement. However, the new plan for the prison system will be one-third less than the original plan, and it “makes us use low-interest bonds in the state building, instead of earning them, c So it’s a much better plan, ”Zeigler said. .

Zeigler explained that he created a ten point plan and sent it to 139 lawmakers, and they picked the ones they wanted. The plan he has drawn up is to “build our prisons rather than using bonds with low added value”. Zeigler added that prisons in several counties are not in use and could be “operational in two days.”

Zeigler said he believes the people of Alabama can come together and organize fundraisers to “bring this thing back.”

“We need to let the general public know what’s going on at Montgomery,” Zeigler said. “I have often been the only elected member of Montgomery to fight him for six years.

The Jefferson County Eastern Area Republican Club, a Republican roundtable club that brings Republicans together to debate issues and “work with each other to rebuild their country,” hosts guest speakers, such as Zeigler, to discuss various issues. Republicans view. The Eastern Area Republican Club meets at Sherry’s Cafe on the last Thursday of the month at 4:30 p.m.