If you can’t beat Margit in Elden Ring or get stuck on Godrick the Transplant, you’re not alone. Elden Ring’s inaugural boss fights are exceptionally difficult, even by FromSoftware’s standards, and they serve as a primer on what to expect if you get stuck on future bosses. The solution isn’t just to pour more runes into your tarnish. If you’re willing to take a little time and invest in new approaches, you’ll have a better chance in both fights.

Try to poison or bleed

Margit and Godrick are vulnerable to a few status effects, including bleeding and poison. Maces and maces stack the blood loss meter, or you can use the Reduvia Dagger if you’ve defeated Bloody Finger Nerijus near Murkwater. The blood loss meter – invisible to you unless you’re the one bleeding – fills up after about five hits before dealing significant damage, so it’s not something you’ll see an immediate effect on.

Poison is potentially more effective. Check the Destroyed Houses in the Dragon Burnt Ruins and you’ll find Deserter’s Cookbook 2. One of its recipes teaches you how to craft Poison Arrows. You will of course need a bow or crossbow, as well as animal bones and Poisonbloom. Poisonbloom drops from floral enemies in the Limgrave Waypoint Ruins, and you should be able to get enough to craft a few Poison Arrows.

The downside is how difficult it is to use ranged attacks with Margit, as she’s nimble and quickly covers the gap between you. If you land a few hits, you’ll see Poison take effect over time. Faith characters can pick up the Poison Mist spell from the Teardrop Scarab near the ramparts of Morne Castle, though you have less control over this than the arrows.

Poison Arrows give you an advantage in any encounter, including boss fights

Be sure to use your summons

Summoning wolves or jellyfish are great for both fights, and you should summon them as soon as you break through the fog barrier. Wolves are more practical, as they damage super armor and create more opportunities for you to land critical hits. Medusa is more of a distraction – a squishy shield with high HP that Margit or Godrick can attack while you attack them.

Upgrade your weapons

This trick is one that we cannot recommend highly enough. Weapon level matters far more than character level in most difficult fights in Elden Ring. Whatever your primary weapon is, be sure to upgrade it multiple times. If it’s a normal weapon, it should be at least +3 for the Margit fight, though a higher value is better if you’re stuck. You can find Smithing Stones in the mines or as enemy drops, and there are enough of them in Limgrave and the Weeping Peninsula to get you levels high enough to deal with Margit.

Also make sure to use a powerful weapon suitable for your combat objective. The Meteor Staff is great for Sorcery users, and we have a set of powerful weapons that anyone can get early in the game.

Don’t forget your buffs

The Flask of Wondrous Physik provides buffs to your Stamina and Power Attacks, handy for blocking and dealing heavier damage, but you should also have some good Ashes of War at this point. Quality Ashes, such as Determination, Storm Stomp, and Square Off, boost your strength and boost your attacks when active, so they’re good choices for this fight.

If you have at least 10 points invested in Faith, you might want to purchase the Fortify Flame Incantation from Corthyn in Roundtable Hold. It improves your fire defense and can be the difference in the fight against Godrick.

Check your pockets

Elden Ring, like other Souls games, has an equipment weight system that makes it difficult to decide which equipment to carry. This only applies to equipped armor and weapons, although it can make a significant difference to your mobility. The medium charge is where you want to be, so you can dodge and move faster. If you have a heavy weapon and armor equipped, make sure you haven’t crossed the “heavy load” threshold, which slows you down so much that it’s nearly impossible to effectively dodge attacks.

Sellen sells magic spells near the basement door
Sellen sells magic spells near the basement door

Meet the Sparkling Stones

Those who have invested in Intelligence should equip themselves with a good staff and purchase these Glimmering Stone spells from Sellen in the Waypoint Ruins:

  • Brilliance Stars: Fires three Brilliance projectiles
  • Carian Slicer: Glintstone melee attack
  • Swift Glinstone Shard: Fast Glinstone Shard Attack

Carian Slicer and Swift Glintstone Shard need the Academy Scroll and the Royal House Scroll respectively. The Academy scroll can be found in the graveyard southeast of the Church of Irith in Liurnia, and the Royal Household scroll can be found in a chest on the hill opposite Forlorn Hound Evergaol in Limgrave.

come back later

Speaking of Liurnia, it’s worth repeating that you don’t have to deal with these fights yet. Margit, Godrick, and the entirety of Stormveil Castle are skippable. If that’s too frustrating, take the shortcut to Liurnia, get some new gear, level up, and try again later.

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