Homer Hewitt, owner of Hewitt Archery, is a lifelong hunter and outdoorsman. He even started a business out of his love for archery and archery hunting.

He said hunters could use the summer months to learn about their property, the deer that live there and to train man’s best friend to help them out in the field for the fall. They don’t have to hunt feral pigs in the summer to stay active in the woods.

“This might be a good time for new hunters to go out (your kids) and start training and working on scouting,” Hewitt said. “Show them the signs of food, tracks and droppings so they know what to look for. “

He said hunters might consider placing surveillance cameras on the property they are hunting so they know how many deer are there and when they are on their property.

Hunters should be careful to place attractants in front of surveillance cameras and check game cards, as they could leave their scent and scare the deer in the area.

If a new hunting camera is overpriced, hunters can use the old-fashioned trick of using string or wire. He said you take the string or yarn and run it across the width of the playing track about your waist. Lower down, a vermin will break it. A hunter can tell which way a buck or a doe is traveling by looking in which way the rope has broken.

If hunters have stalls on their property, it’s wise to check them out, he said. It’s possible that something like a broken limb during a storm could have impacted their booth. Hunters should also check their safety harnesses before going up the tree. He said people should prepare their bodies physically during the summer.

“When I was hunting elk a lot, I would run six miles a day to be where I could physically hunt on the ground,” Hewitt said. “We have to walk and climb more, so you want to make sure your body is ready for it. “

Hunters can take advantage of the summer to prepare for what he called the second hunt. It’s deer hunting after an arrow hits its target.

Tracking blood can be difficult for people who are visually impaired. There are a few tips for always following a deer. He said you can use a bottle of peroxide. You spray where you think there is a trail in order to follow a deer or pigs in the summer. If the peroxide foams, take some tissue paper and drop it on the trail to follow the deer.

You can also use lights to illuminate the trail. He said one of them was called Starbright and it would reflect a trail of blood in the dark. Primos Hunting also has a light that picks up red and multiplies it tenfold, he said. You can even train a man’s best friend to follow a deer.

“The next time your wife pulls out steak or deer meat, avoid the blood. Tie up your dog and put a few drops of blood in the yard, ”Hewitt said. “Start short and put a little treat on the trail. Then take your apartment dog and let him go. They will follow this trail. A smaller dog is better as they are not as fast and you can follow them. You can train your own apartment dog to track a deer this way. He will pick it up and bring you back to the trail. Right now, it would be a good time to train them.