The use of the crossbow has grown exponentially over the past decade, and crossbow technology has advanced as well. Do you know what else has skyrocketed? Crossbow price. It’s common to see prices pushing $ 2,000 (or more) for high-end flagship models with all the bells, whistles, and mechanical cocking devices. This can leave hunters looking for the best crossbow for their money.

So I chose to accept my mission today to identify the most profitable models in the crossbow world. Fortunately, there is no shortage of the best budget crossbows available. But how do you narrow down a list to “the best of the best? Well, you start by shooting a lot of crossbows. Fortunately, this is a task that I have been able to accomplish over the years during the Outdoor Life tests and when visiting the Trade fair for the professional archery association. Over time you start to feel what makes a low budget crossbow and learn more about the companies that build them.

Each model shown here comes from a manufacturer who currently offers or has produced bows that are “high end” models. This is important because their budget models often share technologies or production processes with these high-end models. This creates an arc which, while cheaper, shares some measure of performance and research time. The result is a better bow at a great price.

Each model here also includes “extras” in the price, which saves you money by not purchasing additional accessories to hunt.


Central point

An economical crossbow with Ravin technology

You’d be hard pressed to find a crossbow hunter who hasn’t spent at least a moment ogling one of Ravin’s top-of-the-line models. Raven put the crossbow world on her ear by showcasing her super unique models featuring HeliCoil camera systems, insane performance and a game-changing petite size. Then they take a look at the four-figure price and… yes. CenterPoint’s Wrath line includes some of the technologies found in Ravin’s models, including spool technology. the Anger 430 is a bullpup style bow that extends only nine inches when cocked and measures less than 29 inches in length. The crossbow comes in a package that includes a 4 × 32 illuminated scope, three arrows, a quiver, and a rope cocker spaniel for $ 650. If you can afford to spend a little more on a crossbow, take a look at the CenterPoint CP400, which costs around $ 1,000.


An economical American-made crossbow


TenPoint has long been at the top of the crossbow world. They have also long been near the top of the price scale. However, the Invader line comes from TenPoint’s Wicked Ridge brand and has proven to be the best-selling bow of all time as it delivers TenPoint quality at a more acceptable price. The Invader 400 (named for its 400 fps speed) is the fastest in the lineup. It sells (if you can find one in stock) for $ 569 with an AccuDraw 50. Add $ 100 for the full-fledged AccuDraw setup. The package includes a 3X Pro-View illuminated scope, three arrows and a quiver. The bow is American made and, since time is money, the fact that the model is pre-aimed at 20 meters makes the invader an even bigger affair.


An entry-level crossbow that shoots at 400 fps


One of two Killer Instinct models on the list, the Mortal 405 is one of the cheapest crossbows on the market. At just $ 299.99, it offers plenty of performance and included options that make it a real bargain. It passes the 400 fps mark and the kit includes an illuminated rifle scope, arrows, quiver, and cocking rope. Everything you need to get to the woods. The bow has a 3.5 pound trigger and is 14.75 inches wide when cocked, making it easy to handle and not the kind of bulky, bulky bow you might expect at this price point . It’s also quite light at just over seven pounds.


Crossbow ready to hunt for under $ 500


Killer Instinct’s Ripper series turned out to be a bestseller, and it’s pretty easy to see why. For $ 450, the Ripper 425 Includes illuminated scope, arrows and quiver and features an adjustable stock. The bows are fast, well balanced and have high end features at a very attractive price. It weighs 7.5 pounds, but that weight balances out well with the 32-inch frame. The trigger is set at 3.5 pounds, and it’s a maneuverable set thanks to its armed width of just over 14 inches.


The best low budget classic crossbow


If you are a fan of old school crossbows then you are an Excalibur fan. the GRZ2 matrix is the most economical model of Excalibur, and it is a good model. With its simple classically styled limbs, skeletonized stock and synthetic chassis, it is tough as hell. The bow measures just over 32 inches in length and weighs six pounds without accessories. The draw weight is 100 pounds, and this provides arrows at 305 fps. For $ 550 you get the bow with a standard kit that includes a scope, arrows, and cocking device.


Bear archery has been a staple of archery hunting for as long as archery hunting has been around. It makes sense that the compound bow pioneer would build a crossbow that is strong enough for the money. the CDX constrictor is a value offering that delivers speeds of over 400 fps and is one of the more compact bows in the lineup, measuring just 10 inches in diameter when cocked. It has two string suppressors, which make the arc quiet and reduce vibrations when firing. It comes in two camouflage options – Veil Stoke and TrueTimber Strata. It is also a “ready to hunt” set that includes three arrows, lighted scope, cocking rope and rail lubricant. It sells for around $ 550.


The best trigger on an economical crossbow


Barnett has carved out a solid niche in the crossbow market with a range of reliable bows at attractive prices. the White tail hunter is one of the top sellers, and it’s no mystery why. Offering speeds of 375 fps and weighing less than seven pounds, the riser model (hence the designation STR) does a lot. This riser design allows the traditional foot stirrup to cock with reduced overall length. The bow uses a TriggerTech trigger for crisp performance, and it’s also a ready-to-hunt set with a scope, quiver, arrows, and cocking device. It sells for $ 450.


The best mid-range crossbow


the Ravine R10 is by far the most expensive bow on this list. However, it still achieves “economy” status as it is the cheapest model in the Ravin lineup and the most affordable entry into the superbow category. The R10 features Ravin’s HeliCoil system which allows the bow to be just six inches wide when cocked. It only takes 12 pounds of effort to cock, thanks to Ravin’s efficient crank system. It shoots arrows at speeds of 400 fps and the accuracy is legendary. It’s a real long-range weapon that’s a lot of fun to shoot. The package costs $ 1,325 and includes the crank, scope with a 100-meter sighting system, three arrows, and a quiver.

The best crossbow for the money FAQ

What’s the best crossbow under $ 400?

The Killer Instinct Fierce 405 is a great option for hunters on a budget of $ 400. The Fierce 405 costs $ 300 and shoots at 400 fps. It comes in a kit that includes a lighted scope, arrows, quiver, and cocking rope. Everything you need to get to the woods. The bow has a 3.5 pound trigger and is 14.5 inches wide when cocked, making it easy to handle and not the kind of bulky, bulky bow you might expect at this price point .

How much should I spend on the best crossbow for the money?

It is not easy to find a quality crossbow for less than $ 400. When you spend $ 600 or more on a crossbow, you’ll get features like better range, faster speeds, and improved accuracy.

What is the best crossbow for the money as a beginner?

New crossbow users should focus on safety features like dry fireproof and finger guards, as well as cocking and disarming mechanisms. Ravin crossbows are hard to beat for the safety features and ease of use.

Final thoughts on the best crossbow for the money

Every year crossbows get better and with that crossbow buyers get more performance for their money. You’ve heard of bows under $ 400 that shoot at 400 fps and bows around $ 1,000 with similar characteristics to bows that cost twice as much. If you want to start hunting with a crossbow this fall, any of the models above will come in handy. Pick the one that best fits your budget, then spend a lot of time filming it before the season begins.