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The CenterPoint Archery Bullpup Wrath 430 Compact Crossbow

Just in time for the fall hunting season, CenterPoint Archery introduced an all-new heavy-hitting crossbow. The New Wrath 430 crossbow features an ultra-fast 430 fps arrow speed, a new compact and lightweight design, and even includes ready-to-go optics, a quiver and calipers for a ready-to-shoot hunting crossbow. job that delivers powerful blows. The new crossbow was just made available on the CenterPoint website following a contest where one lucky winner had the chance to get one in advance. The new crossbow has many features that would make it perfect for hunting in heavily forested areas or even used in tandem with a vehicle or where space is limited for a larger bow.

The CenterPoint Archery Bullpup Wrath 430 Compact Crossbow


  • Speed ​​Up to 430 fps
  • Width (axle to axle) Armed 9.00 in.
  • Width (axle to axle) Unarmoured 13.00 in.
  • 200 lbs draw weight
  • Power stroke 15.00 in.
  • Weight 8.3 lbs
  • Product Length 28.26 in.
  • Chain Length 33.78 ”
  • Total length 28.26 ”
  • MSRP: 649.99

The CenterPoint Wrath 430 features a specified arrow speed of 430 feet per second with the arrows at 400 grain, which translates to a 165-foot-pound shot in what CenterPoint calls their smallest crossbow in their lineup. The Wrath 430’s pulling weight is set at 200 lbs, but as an added benefit, CenterPoint has thought ahead and made the Wrath 430 compatible with crank devices if the shooter needs extra assistance.

The new Wrath crossbow is only 13 inches wide (unmoored) making it very narrow and easy to carry (the bow size is further reduced to 9 ″ when cocked). In addition, the crossbow is only a hair over 28 inches long which includes the removable quiver. The rope cocking sled is built into the design of the Wrath, as are the bows included a 4x32mm illuminated scope. The Wrath also comes with three 20 ″ 400 grit carbon arrows with field tips which should get you ready for the hunting season with plenty of good practice as long as you don’t lose the arrows.

The bow also features rail-mounted string stops that eliminate vibration and noise, as well as folding calipers that double as a makeshift bipod or stand for more stabilized shots. A final set of features I noticed was that the bow also includes oversized finger guards and even a dry fire trigger which increases the safety of the shooter and the integrity of the bow’s components. The new CenterPoint Wrath 430 crossbow comes with a 5-year limited warranty and will sell for an MSRP of $ 649.99.

Our new Wrath 430 is truly ideal for up close hunters and allows the shooter easier mobility when they need to make quick and quiet adjustments while chasing the game they are chasing,

-Kevin Casey Product Manager CenterPoint Archery

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