• Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” follows a young American who moves from Chicago to Paris for work.
  • The show’s first season is a light, escapist trip through the European city.
  • His portrayal of Paris and French culture, however, is stereotypical and unrealistic.
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‘s “Emily in Paris” has been struck down by French critics for its unrealistic portrayal of the French capital and its people.

The show follows Emily Cooper (Lily collins), a young marketing manager who is moving from Chicago to Paris for a new job opportunity, even though he does not speak a bit of French.

The monolingual millennium parades in Savoir, a Parisian marketing firm, on behalf of its Chicago-based company, Gilbert Group, which is now their parent company, to offer them an “American perspective”.

Not only are there several moments that seem simply impossible outside of the romantic comedy genre, but the series draws on countless stereotypes of the French, portraying them as rude, sexist and inappropriate.

Filled with berets and baguettes, “Emily in Paris” is, at first glance, a fun, light-hearted watch for viewers looking for a European escape. But in reality, the show creates a caricature of Paris.

Here are 23 of the show’s most unlikely moments.

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