Four words that will pique your interest in Sherwood Extreme: slow-motion trick shots. Sherwood Extreme promises to deliver epic, ridiculous co-op action in this free-to-play crossbow shooter from developer and publisher, CAGE Studios. I received early access to the game on Steam and was able to test it out for a bit. While the game is still in Steam Early Access for PC and Mac (as of May 12, 2021), Sherwood Extreme is slated for full release later this year on PC, Mac, and Xbox consoles – sorry PlayStation fans! After getting your hands on the game for a little while now, what do you think? Well… let’s talk about it!

What is Sherwood Extreme?

Sherwood extreme This is what you get when “Robin Hood’s vacation plans are shattered by a horde of invading goblins, only 360 no-scopes, slow motion headshots and parkour can save the day.” Freestyle through this historically accurate 100% arcade shooter, solo or with a friend. Challenge epic and mythical quests with daily rewards and thousands of level variations. Combine powers with a partner to triumph in mini-raids and survival modes, dressing your medieval hero with hundreds of unlockable items. Okay, it’s clear this game isn’t historically accurate, but I’d love to live in any timeline is.


The movement in Sherwood Extreme is pretty decent, and they recently added the ability to link your input keys together, which was a feature that was missing when I first started playing the game (very glad this was added!) And that’s an absolute necessity in a game focused on movement. It feels good to run around and shoot goblins, and it’s simple enough that it doesn’t confuse the average player.


Sherwood Extreme’s fight is actually pretty fun; basically all you have to do is run and shoot goblins in the coolest way possible. You can jump to start your bullet-time in slow motion which makes it even cooler as you run around the map by separating those goblin heads from their bodies and creating a pretty fun game loop.

Beauty products

So, as with any game these days (especially free-to-play games), Sherwood Extreme includes an in-game store (called a “Shoppe”) that allows you to purchase visual cosmetics with which you can decorate your character. You’ve got packs, skins, hats, capes, flair, and loot (in-game currency with purchases up to $ 99.99), but in all fairness the only cosmetics I would even think of getting are some of the skins (especially the “Soulsucker” à la Grim Reaper).


Currently, there are currently three purchasable weapons in Sherwood extreme including the “Minibow”, “Blast Launcher” and the “Skull & Crossbow”. While these weapons are sure to bring some extra fun to the extra games, I found out after purchasing the Minibow that it really doesn’t change much to the way I play the game. The blast launcher costs 750 gems and the skull and crossbow costs 1,000 gems, so I don’t think I’ll be able to afford either of these anytime soon, but maybe someday. You can also purchase a few shields: the Wargor Shield (invincible ally in range), Iron Heart (bouncing arrows and healing ally), and the Dragon Shield (Spike’s throwing ally)

Kingdom Pass

As with many games now, Sherwood Extreme also includes a Battle Pass system called “Kingdom Pass” which includes both a free and premium track with rewards on each path. The Kingdom Pass, however, only goes up to 30 levels, up from a typical 100, and the final rewards are a Chicken Head (Free Track) and Horse Head Mask (Premium Track).


While I’m sure the Kingdom Pass challenges, a Horde mode, and the pursuit of additional weapons and cosmetics are sure to inflate playtime for a few players, I cleared all 6 levels in about 20 minutes. . Yeah, so it’s a very overall short game. Of course, you still have various goals to achieve, like getting 3 stars on each level (I have at least 2 on each level, so it’s not that hard), but honestly there isn’t really any of challenge there. . The only thing that could potentially increase game time is Horde mode, but there’s not much you can do.

Overall, Sherwood Extreme is a pretty fun game; the movement is good, the art style is fun and allows low-end devices to operate it easily, the combat is fun, the only problem I have with it is that it is so short that you don’t you don’t even have to put it on an hour after the start of the game to “beat” it. Guess it’s time to go back and beat my personal bests now, right?