The transition to civilian life can be difficult. Veterans are often advised to seek employment in a field that excites and excites them. Remember the old saying of career day, Do what you love and you’ll never work one day?

A USMC veteran took this advice to heart and, being a Marine, decided not to half-do it. As a result, the artist known as “Will Pounder” was recently named “Best Newcomer” at the AVN Awards. Prices for adult video news.

(Do we have to spell it? He’s in X rated movies, folks. You know, the kind you watch in your barracks alone. Not with your mom.)

Asked to comment on this story, Pounder said: “The best male newcomer to me means I’m doing my job well.” He went on to say, “I love providing a safe experience that allows my stage partners to explore sexually and have a fun day so everyone leaves with a smile on their face.”

Its award made us wonder how many other veterans have decided to make a living in the adult film industry?

Spoiler: A lot.

One can speculate on the reasons why, beyond the really obvious reason: sex. Maybe it’s because veterans are already used to frequent and random medical tests and are already comfortable being naked in front of people? Maybe they just miss having a close camaraderie with their coworkers? For the record, Pounder said he thinks the percentage of veterans versus non-veterans working in the adult industry is probably about the same as in any other industry.

Whatever their reasons, Pounder is far from the first to trade fatigues for his birthday suit. He wasn’t even the first vet to win this Best Newcomer award. Brad Knight, a Navy veteran, brought it home in 2016. That’s right. A sailor did it before a Marine.

But we don’t even have to speculate as to why some veterans are drawn to this particular industry. Brick Yates, a Navy veteran who runs a company that produces adult films and stars military and veterans alike, agreed to respond to the Why question for us, at least with regard to his films, in which the military and veterans perform.

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“Active service members are always told not to fraternize, but we all fantasize about the beautiful people we work with,” Yates said. “So it’s only natural that a Marine, Sailor, or Soldier wants to have sex with another member of the service because the military makes sure it’s still a very taboo subject.”

Yates said that while he understands that some people might find adult films featuring military personnel in uniform offensive, his company has the exact opposite intention. “We respect the uniforms that these people wear as much as possible,” he said, noting that he believes a military fetish is no different from a police fetish or, that basic element, the Pizza delivery man. “People can disagree with me and that’s okay. I know not everyone is happy with my job, but it really isn’t meant to be degrading or disrespectful in any way. We’re not here to make the service look bad in any way.

While typing your MOS into a job translator isn’t likely to result in an “X-rated movie star,” there does seem to be something of a … pipeline. (Sorry.) And while adult entertainment recruiters likely don’t have tables in hiring lounges on base, there are active efforts to recruit veterinarians into the industry, thereby ensuring that the supply veterans turned adult animators never diminishes.

Additionally, military veterans have been starring in adult entertainment for decades, even before pornstar legend Johnnie Keyes took off his army uniform in the early 1970s. Again, we’re not going to post any links here, but the full list of veterans who have risen to fame in adult entertainment includes, Johnni Black (Army), Dia Zerva (USMC), Chayse Evans (USMC), Julie Rage ( Army), Nicole Marciano (USMC), Fiona Cheeks (USMC), Amber Michaels (Air Force), Kymberley Kyle (Army), Viper (USMC), Amanda Addams (Army), Misti Love (Army), Loni Punani (Army) Air Force), Sheena Ryder (Army), Sheena Shaw (Army), Alura Jenson (Navy Army), Kim Kennedy (USMC), Alexis Fawx (Air Force), Lisa Bickels (Army) and Tiffany Lane (Army) . Cory Chase (Army), is a veterinarian who even non-adult viewers know as female movie star Ted Cruz who got caught watching.

And Diamond Foxx’s name might also be recognizable to those unfamiliar with his work. She was fired from the Navy for “sexual misconduct,” but made military news earlier this year when a West Point cadet attempted to fundraise online so she could take her to the weekend banquet. Yearling winter end as a rendezvous.

With everything we’ve said about vets in adult entertainment, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention retired LTC David Conners aka “Dave Cummings”. After 25 years of service in the US Army he continued to serve… sorry, sorry… he started his career in the adult entertainment industry at 55, appearing in hundreds adult films and was inducted into the AVN and XRCO (X-rated Critics Association) Temples of Fame, before his death last fall. Which, we assume, means that if Will Pounder and Brad Knight are veteran USMC and Navy adult movie stars who certainly started their second careers strong, it’s the old man in the military. who really has the power to stay. Hooh!

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Air Force veteran and adult artist Loni Punani.

While adult films are completely legal for veterans to film, it is a violation of the UCMJ for active duty members to have a side job – any side job – without first getting permission. of their command. And the Commands have a long history of punishing, and even dismissing, service members who engage in activities that undermine “good order and discipline or discredit the service,” risk “press coverage or public relations ”or“ creates an inappropriate appearance ”.

Yates said the “is it allowed” question can be tricky. “I have spoken with a few officers about their Marines’ presence in my films and it really depends. It’s more the details of the movie than the general fact that they do (adult entertainment). Military brass are people too, and some don’t care if their staff do it (adult entertainment), but some do. As long as they’re safe, don’t think badly about their branch of service, and don’t wear their own uniform, they’re generally fine.

Yet in 2017, SEAL, known as “Jay Voom,” on active duty but almost retired and married for a long time, got caught in an X-rated movie with his wife and a few others, and nearly failed. lose retirement. pension because of it.

Air Force Staff Sgt. Michelle Manhart received a formal reprimand, was fired from her job as a training instructor, and demoted after posing nude in a Playboy magazine post in 2007.

And in 2006, seven paratroopers from the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division were court martialed for sodomy, pimping and sex for money. According to reporters who covered the case, the soldiers weren’t gay but, because they engaged in gay acts onscreen at a time when the military was still subject to politics. , do not say, they were punished for the activity.

Yates also warned that military personnel and veterans interested in entering the adult industry should be on the lookout and a little wary. He said that if there are some really great people in the industry, there are also some bad ones. Potential adult movie stars should verify that the companies recruiters claim to represent are real and should ask to see references and examples of past work before committing to screen work themselves.

All to say, if you dream of turning your nighttime passion into daytime job, maybe it is safer to wait until you get this DD-214.

Until then, do not hesitate to take advantage of the talents and attributes of your brothers and sisters in arms who have found their future in an entirely different type of service.