While Elden Ring bows rarely come out compared to other weapons, finding a good one will help. Here are the best bows to get your hands on at Elden Ring.

Bows generally won’t be your primary weapon. Melee or sorceries will be the main component of many builds.

However, having a powerful bow is a great addition to your build. Some arrows can contain powerful status effects and are especially useful for difficult bosses.

Here are some of the best bows to find in The Lands Between, so you can take down your enemies from a distance!

The Best Elden Ring Bows and Their Locations

Here are some of the best bows you can get in Elden Ring, for a variety of reasons. If you’re looking for a decent ranged weapon, look no further!

5. Longbow

Samurai Armor Set

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Don’t sleep on the Longbow. While undoubtedly basic compared to other ranged weapons in the game and other bows on this list, the Longbow is easy to find, easy to use, and one of the best for all builds!

His requirements are a measly 9 strength and 14 dexterity, mostly scaled with DEX, making him accessible to almost anyone in Elden Ring.

He can use standard arrows, as well as arrows such as St. Trina, which cause a target to fall asleep. It’s great to have many boss fights, like the Godskin Duo.

You can find this bow by purchasing it for 1,200 runes from the Twin Maiden Husks. Alternatively, if you picked the Samurai class, you’ll get it in your starting gear!

4. Compound Crossbow

Crossbow Elden Ring Pulley

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With a fast rate of fire, this crossbow has the ability to quickly inflict status effects on enemies. However, the range is much shorter than a standard bow and its standard damage is lower.

It fires many shots per trigger pull, making it easy to run out of arrows quickly. But it does help take down your enemies sooner, along with the aforementioned status effects.

It also has the Kicker as an Ash of War standard. If enemies get too close, it won’t kill them but knock them back so you can quickly back away.

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The Compound Crossbow can be found south of Mount Gelmir at the Craftsman’s Hut.

3. Pulley Arch

Elden Ring Pulley Bow

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The Pulley Bow is one of the best standard bows in the game. It has a long reach, allowing you to take out enemies from a great distance.

Best of all, it hits pretty hard, with the physical damage at standard being 77. It also has low stat requirements, requiring 11 points in strength and dexterity.

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The Pulley Bow uses the Mighty Shot Ash of War when first found, which requires longer knockback to fire, but does more damage per shot.

You can find the Compound Bow atop a Mount Gelmir Siege Tower on a corpse. If you head north from Gelmir’s hero Grace’s burial site, you’ll find it soon!

2. Jar Cannon

Elden Ring Jar Cannon

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If you follow any Elden Ring communities, you’ve probably seen the Jar Cannon in action. It is a huge jar, which shoots large bolts. Do I need to say anything else?

It’s a high damage cannon, killing almost any non-boss enemy at its standard. It does 192 physical damage when you pick it up, which is nothing to complain about.

The only problem is that it offers no scaling, requires 43 Strength and 12 Dexterity to use, and takes a while to recharge.

The Jar Cannon is at the end of the Volcano Cave, north of, you guessed it, Mount Gelmir.

1. Great Lion Bow

Elder's Ring of the Great Arch of Lion

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General Radahn is easily one of the best boss fights in the game. It makes sense that it also has one of the best arcs in the game.

It’s the only boss weapon on this list, but for good reason. Its stat requirements aren’t too high, with 22 Strength and 18 Dexterity needed to wield it. It does 120 base physical damage, which is definitely good.

But what makes this weapon so special is the unique weapon skill that comes with it. Radahn’s Rain skill allows you to shoot a volley of arrows into the sky and let it rain down on enemies.

It also gains a 20% damage boost if you fire Radahn’s Spears arrows with it.

To find this weapon, you just need to kill General Radahn and exchange the Souvenir for the Lion Greatbow.

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