The world of Minecraft is full of dangers. Hostile mobs are one of the most common reasons players die. To survive against them, players must arm themselves with weapons and armor.

In Minecraft, weapons are divided into two types: ranged and melee. Ranged weapons include bows and crossbows, while swords and axes fall under the melee category. Apart from these, players can also use tridents, a hybrid weapon capable of dealing damage both ranged and melee.

While weapons are meant to attack enemies, players can use them in unusual ways as well. This article lists some unique ways to use weapons in Minecraft.

Surprising uses of weapons in Minecraft

5) Multi-shot crossbow for growing choir flowers

Crossbows have an exclusive enchantment called Multishot. A crossbow enchanted by Multishot shoots three arrows instead of one. Players can use Multishot Enchanted Crossbows to effectively cultivate Choir Flowers.

Chorus flowers can reach a height of 22 blocks. Since flowers only grow at the top of the tree, the Multishot enchantment is perfect for growing them. With it, players can break choir fruits from other trees at the same time.

4) Give swords to foxes

Foxes are cute until players give them weapons. Then they become mass murderers of chickens. In Minecraft, foxes have a unique ability to pick up and hold objects in their mouths.

Players can give foxes swords and use them to raise chickens. With a fiery-looking sword, chickens killed by foxes will drop cooked chicken.

3) Become the God of Thunder

Pipe (Image via Minecraft)
Pipe (Image via Minecraft)

With an enchanted trident through the channel, players can become the God of Thunder in Minecraft! Well, not exactly, but lightning can be summoned on enemies during thunderstorms.

Players can use channel enchanted tridents to turn creepers into charged creepers. Killing zombies, skeletons and creepers with a charged creeper blast is the only way to get your head in Minecraft.

2) No fireworks? Using the bow

Some Minecrafters may not be aware that they can use a bow to push themselves while hovering. Usually fireworks are the best way to fly using Elytra in Minecraft. In an emergency, players can use an enchanted bow with Punch to reach a safe area.

Punch works like the Knockback enchantment. Players can shoot themselves with Punch arrows to push them a bit. By repeating this process, they can use the elytra without fireworks.

1) Fly in a trident

Players can enchant their tridents with Riptide to fly without elytra. When a Riptide Enchanted Trident is thrown, it also throws the player.

But there is a caveat. Players will need to be in contact with water to launch into the air. The Riptide enchantment also works when a player is outside in the rain.

Disclaimer: This list is subjective and reflects the views of the author only.

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