In Minecraft, players will face many types of hostile mobs trying to kill them. To defeat these monsters, players will need to arm themselves with weapons. With the exception of tridents, weapons are generally divided into melee and ranged types.

Melee weapons include swords, axes, pickaxes, and shovels, while bows and crossbows are ranged weapons. Using ranged weapons, players can take care of enemies from a safe distance. Charged arrows can deal more damage than an unenchanted Netherite sword.

Players can improve their bows and crossbows using enchantments. This article introduces some of the best ranged weapon enchantments in Minecraft.

Best enchantments for ranged weapons in Minecraft

5) Repair

Repair Enchantment (Image via Minecraft)
Repair Enchantment (Image via Minecraft)

The Repair Enchantment is a must-have enchantment for any item in Minecraft. Items enchanted with repair are repairable using experience points. Players can apply the repair to their guns and never have to worry about repairing them. They can collect XP by defeating monsters and restore weapon durability points.

But, before enchanting a bow, players should be aware of its incompatibility. An enchanted bow with Repair cannot have Infinity.

4) Unbreakable

Uninterrupted Enchantment (Image via Minecraft)
Uninterrupted Enchantment (Image via Minecraft)

Like Mending, Unbreaking is also a versatile enchantment that players can apply to every tool, weapon, and armor. Uninterrupted enchantment reduces the chance that durability points will be used. In this way, players can use their weapons for a long time.

Unbreaking becomes necessary if a player uses a bow with the Infinity enchantment. Since Infinity is incompatible with Mending, players will need Unbreaking to make their arc last longer in Minecraft.

3) Flame

Arc users can benefit tremendously from the Flame enchantment in Minecraft. This enchantment ignites arrows fired from the bow, which can set crowds on fire. Players can take additional damage by burning mobs with fire.

Players can also use Flame Arrows to light TNTs, candles, and campfires. Unfortunately, this fun-to-use enchantment is only available for bows.

2) Power or Piercing

Enchanting Power (Image via Minecraft)
Enchanting Power (Image via Minecraft)

Crossbows are designed to damage multiple enemies simultaneously, while bows are better for single target enemies. The power is an enchantment exclusive to the bow that increases damage by (25 * (level + 1))%. Players can apply Power V to their bows for a 150% damage increase.

For crossbows, players can use the Piercing enchantment. Arrows fired from a Piercing enchanted crossbow can hit multiple monsters by piercing them. A crossbow enchanted by Piercing IV can pierce five monsters and damage all of them.

1) Infinite or Multishot

Multishot enchantment (Image via Minecraft)
Multishot enchantment (Image via Minecraft)

Infinity is one of the best bow enchantments in Minecraft. Players can shoot infinite arrows from their Infinity Enchanted Bows as long as they have an arrow in their inventory.

As Infinity is not available for crossbows, players will need to use Multishot instead. A Multishot enchanted crossbow will fire three arrows or fireworks instead of one. However, players will still have arrows or fireworks.

To note: The list is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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