Former Republican Representative Trey gowdy did not hold back during an appearance Thursday on America’s Newsroom, blowing up the president that of Donald Trump inciting language during Wednesday’s “Save America Rally” that preceded the Capital Hill insurgency by Trump supporters.

No reasonable conservative will call Gowdy a “cuck” or an ideological sellout when he single-handedly dragged the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton thanks to an arduous investigation into the tragic deaths of four State Department personnel in Benghazi. But Gowdy wasn’t a partisan accomplice during a heated conversation with the Fox News presenter Sandra smith.

Smith asked Gowdy to comment on the apparent inadequacy of security around the Capitol, which allowed it to be overrun in a relatively short period of time. The former South Carolina congressman backed down a bit and said he was never one to blame the police, and instead pointed his finger at blame elsewhere.

Gowdy gave a reasonable rant about how this crowd has been pissed off, saying, “I don’t know how reasonably predictable it should be for the cops that tens of thousands of people are going to be told to go get it. beat, that an election was stolen from them, go and fight, blame Mike pence and Cotton Tommy and Ken buck and other republicans …

Smith stepped in and asked his guest, “Who told them to do this?” “

Taken aback, Gowdy exclaimed “Did you listen to the president’s speech yesterday?” “

Smith agreed she did.

“So you tell me. Who said that? Who said go and fight? Who blamed Mike Pence and blames Republicans and said the election was stolen? Gowdy asked.

“Are you suggesting that the president told them to do this, climb the walls and invade the capital?” Smith pushed back.

“Among my many limitations Sandra, I can’t tell you what the president had in mind,” he replied. “I can tell you he said let’s walk together to the capital.”

“So I don’t blame the cops when tens of thousands of people are at an election that has been stolen from them and then decide to climb the walls of the people’s house. I don’t blame the cops for this. I blame the people who did it.

Watch above via Fox News.

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