For decades, a president’s approval rating rises whenever the country faces a major strategic challenge like the United States does with Russia and an escalating nuclear threat. From Truman in Korea to George W. Bush in Afghanistan, Americans have rallied behind their leader.

President Joe Biden has achieved the opposite by quickly agreeing to a minor Russian incursion into Ukraine, offering his President Zelenskyy a plane ride and aggressively delaying the arming of Ukraine. Instead, Mr. Biden tried — and failed — to prevent conflict in Ukraine through diplomacy.

Americans see Mr. Biden’s early failures in Ukraine as a continuation of his clumsy withdrawal from Afghanistan, which caused a ten-point loss in popularity and confirmed to Russian President Vladimir Putin that America now has a weak president.

The obvious failure of Mr. Biden’s policy in managing Ukraine is admitted by former acting CIA director Michael Morell. When Mr Biden lashed out at Mr Putin and called for his removal, Michael Morell said it could only shore up Russia’s beleaguered elite.

Referring to Mr Biden, Mr Morell specifically said: “His comment that Putin has to go was a direct error. This strengthens Putin at home. It is very difficult for any national opposition to unite. And no Russian citizen wants to be told by the main Russian enemy what their leadership can look like and not…I think presenting this as democracy versus autocracy brings the Chinese closer to the Russians and makes it difficult for some of our allies who are autocrats to be with us”.

The last American ambassador to the USSR, Jack Matlock, underlined the importance of a professional approach such as Ronald Reagan exercised towards Gorbachev. Mr. Reagan constantly said, “Attack the message, not the messenger.

Proving that he is not Mr. Reagan, Mr. Biden has publicly called Mr. Putin a butcher and a war criminal. The White House is burning all bridges for dialogue with the Kremlin instead of maintaining a channel of communication as the USSR did during the Cuban Missile Crisis through Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin.

Paradoxically, the more aggressively Mr. Biden speaks out against the Kremlin, the lower his rating. Mr Biden obviously thinks his tough new stance is meant to restore his lost popularity and prevent the Democrats’ upcoming midterm election loss in the US Congress. It doesn’t happen. It must be remembered that President Joe was part of the Obama/Clinton/Biden triad that tried to “reset relations with Russia”. Mr. Obama’s aim to appease Mr. Putin was underscored by his 2012 open-microphone conversation with Russian President Medvedev.

Ukraine and Afghanistan aren’t the only reasons Mr. Biden’s rating is at an all-time low of 42%. People aren’t impressed with his expertise in foreign policy. Record inflation of 8.5% in the United States and a sharp rise in energy prices that portends a recession are also crushing its popularity. The United States imports 8% of its oil from Russia. Europe imports more than a quarter of its supply and more than 40% of its natural gas. This is a strategic dependency that could be resolved if Biden supported US and Canadian oil energy production. This is a strategic dependency that could be resolved if Biden supported US and Canadian oil energy production.

Russia is also a major exporter of rare earth metals, chemicals and fertilizers. Additionally, Russia and Ukraine are major suppliers of food and grain, and the war could lead to food shortages in developing countries, causing unrest, including among US allies. Global food shortages are negatively influencing food prices in the United States.

Then comes the scandal surrounding Hunter Biden’s financial shenanigans, computer leaks and non-payment of taxes which risks further undermining his father’s credibility. As The New York Times had to admit: “People familiar with the investigation said prosecutors reviewed emails between Mr. Biden, Mr. Archer and others about Burisma and other business activities. foreign. These emails were obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appear to be from a laptop that Mr. Biden left behind at a Delaware repair shop. The email and others in the cache have been authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation.”

The New York Times writes that Hunter Biden referred to the then-Vice President in the email as “my guy – and said his services should ‘be characterized as part of our advice and thinking – but what he will say and do is irrelevant. our hands.” Vice President Biden traveled to Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, about a week after the email.

Calls are increasing to uncover the truth about the actions of the Bidens in Ukraine. Conservative Fox News commentator Mark Levin accused the mainstream media of silencing the scandal for more than a year. He called a special counsel to investigate Mr. Biden’s family. This same investigation is also expected to examine Hunter Biden’s suspicious Chinese business ties.

America cannot afford White House corruption amid the worst international security crisis since World War II. Members of Congress, the public and the media are increasingly demanding a thorough investigation. America cannot lead the West and stand up to the Kremlin if the president’s son can be compromised by ties to government-linked oligarchs in Ukraine and China.

  • Colonel (Retired) Wes Martin worked with the armies of the Soviet Union and Ukraine. Throughout forty years of policing, he has conducted investigations on three continents.