Warzone, like many Battle Royales, emphasizes long-term engagements. Because of the extensive open format of a lot of the Warzone map, sniper rifles are very efficient and wanted weapons in Verdansk.

Snipers are considerably tough to match to something outdoors of their very own class as their harm mannequin is so totally different from different weapons within the recreation. The largest stats to contemplate for sniper rifles are their one-shot destruction potential, the pace at which they hearth, and the pace of their bullet.

There’s all kinds of various sniper rifles, every with their very own statistical professionals and cons. Here’s a record of ranges rating every sniper rifle in Warzone from finest to worst!

Degree S


HDR is the perfect sniper rifle within the recreation for lengthy vary encounters. This weapon is able to taking down a completely armored opponent in a single hit in case you hit the top, a capability that’s solely shared by a couple of different rifles on this record. This one-hit killing machine is good for long-range duels or for opening encounters with a fast kill.

What actually units this gun aside is its extraordinarily excessive bullet pace, which will be additional improved by equipping the 26.9 inch HDR Professional barrel. Sooner bullet pace means you do not have to steer your goal as a lot, which takes the guesswork out of long-range snipers quite a bit. This rifle could be the largest and slowest, but it surely’s probably the most dependable for very lengthy vary fight.


The AX-50 has the identical harm mannequin because the HDR, so it is also able to taking down totally armored targets with a single deadly blow. It additionally has a quicker fee of fireplace, reload time, and aiming pace, making it a superior weapon for individuals who wish to play at a quicker tempo with their sniper rifle.

The large downside of the AX-50, in comparison with HDR, is the distinction in ball pace. With the AX-50 you might have respectable ball pace, however you will have to steer your goal quite a bit quicker than with HDR. Past that, the AX-50 brings lots of its personal distinctive benefits for the mobility-conscious sniper and is more practical at medium ranges than slower-firing HDR.

Degree A


The Kar98k is likely one of the extra attention-grabbing sniper rifles within the recreation. This weapon is able to firing totally armored gamers at quick and medium vary in a single shot, nonetheless, its harm drop, low bullet pace, and low bullet pace. Giant bullet drop severely restrict this weapon to longer ranges. This weapon is for use for successful mid-range encounters, the place you possibly can take full benefit of its quick aiming time and devastating destruction potential.

Whereas the Kar98k does not win long-range sniper duels, it makes up for it by being maybe probably the most cellular and lethal mid-range weapon within the recreation, in case you can pull off your pictures. head persistently.

SP-R 208

The SP-R 208 was added to Warzone with Season 1 and got here from Name of Responsibility: Black Ops Chilly Conflict. This sniper rifle is similar to the Kar98k in use and performance. It could possibly take down enemies with a single hit to the top or chest, but it surely has vital harm drop which makes it perfect for very lengthy vary engagements.

The explanation for selecting the SP-R 208 over the Kar98k is its ball pace. Though it has a slower ADS time than the Kar98k, the bullet pace makes up for misplaced time and likewise makes this weapon efficient at barely longer ranges than the Kar98k, as you will not must purpose targets as a lot. .

Degree B

  • Pellington 703
  • LW3 Tundra
  • Rytec AMR

Pellington 703

The Pelinton 703 has additionally been added to the Black Ops Chilly Conflict recreation. Whereas he by no means fairly made it to the higher echelons of the sniper meta, his fortune has steadily elevated in Warzone Season 2 as he has discovered his place as a weapon of Lengthy vary sniper duelist.

The Pelington is a really environment friendly normal bolt motion rifle that may show you how to take down your enemy with its quick ADS time and quick bullet pace. Though HDR will harm it, the Pelington 703 will nonetheless have the benefit of taking pictures first and quicker as a consequence of its quick ADS time. So if you’re searching different snipers, the Pelinton 703 is a surprisingly good choice to decide on, particularly when geared up with equipment to additional improve its bullet pace and ADS time.

LW3 Tundra

The LW3 Tundra is a bolt-action sniper rifle that may be very simple to make use of at lengthy vary as a consequence of its best-in-class bullet pace. This rifle is squarely in B-rank. Firearms just like the AX-50 and HDR outperform this weapon in most classes. However the LW3 Tundra can nonetheless defend itself on the battlefield and is an efficient choice for anybody trying to combine it up with an honest sniper rifle, albeit barely off the meta.

Rytec AMR

The Ryztec AMR is a really unusual weapon that utterly defies categorization. On the one hand, it has a excessive harm mannequin with gradual ADS time and is likely one of the 4 weapons that may take down a completely armored opponent in a single hit. Alternatively, it’s a semi-automatic rifle with a excessive fee of fireplace.

This pistol will be constructed for near medium vary encounters, or you possibly can spend money on it as an extended vary sniper rifle. Sadly, regardless of which course you select, there’ll doubtless be a greater performing weapon. For an extended vary, HDR, AX-50 and Pellington 703 are a greater resolution. For shut vary fight, the SP-R 208 and Kar98k will outperform it.

So whereas this weapon is completely viable, it finds itself in the course of the pack because it does not have a major function within the Warzone Season 2 meta.

Degree C


The M82 is a semi-automatic rifle designed to be used at longer ranges, so this weapon fulfills an odd function within the meta in the identical manner the Rytec AMR does. The M82 solely actually is sensible for players who’re followers of long-range snipers however do not wish to dig a bolt between every shot. For everybody, it makes extra sense to go together with one of many many premium bolt motion rifles listed earlier on this record.


The SKS seems extra like a gradual fee of fireplace assault rifle than a conventional sniper rifle. So that you most likely will not achieve a number of long-range engagements with this weapon. Sadly, this weapon at its perfect vary is outclassed by tactical rifles just like the m16 or AUG. Whereas it may be enjoyable working round with an SKS, this weapon is not removed from the top of the Warzone Season 2 meta.

Degree D

  • EBR-14
  • MK2 rifle
  • Dragunov
  • Crossbow


The EBR-14 suffers from the identical points because the SKS, but it surely’s even worse. This semi-automatic rifle is designed to be fired shortly and is finest used at medium ranges. It’s nearly ineffective at longer ranges and will probably be outclassed by most ARs, Tactical Rifles, and the SKS itself at medium ranges. In Warzone season 2, there is not a lot of a purpose to decide on the EBR-14, except you similar to the best way it seems.

MK2 rifle

The MK2 Carbine is the one lever motion rifle within the recreation. It comes with {a magazine} dimension of 6 rounds that are reloaded one after the other. In Warzone Season 2, this weapon is at the moment extra of a novelty than anything. It may be enjoyable to choose up a lever motion rifle now and again, however that does not make this weapon viable. With solely six bullets, a gradual reload, and a major drop in harm, there’s hardly ever a scenario the place a participant would need this weapon.


The Dragunov was the one semi-automatic sniper within the recreation when Warzone first got here out. Since then, it has solely crept down within the meta. Whereas this pistol is able to successful mid-range fights, it’s worse than all of its different sniper counterparts, together with the EBR-14 which can be a low-level pistol.


The crossbow seems extra like a meme weapon than anything. Whereas it is nonetheless a weapon that kills individuals, it does not have a strongly outlined place within the Season 2 meta, and it is so restricted that it is not value utilizing in Warzone.

The large promoting level of the crossbow is that it is ready to kill the physique with one hit. It will also be geared up with a wide range of sorts of arrows like explosive factors or thermite factors. Nevertheless, this weapon additionally has big drawbacks. It has the slowest fee of fireplace of any gun within the sniper class and has a excessive bullet drop fee. This makes it tough and even harmful to try to deploy this weapon successfully.

Just like the MK2 rifle, the crossbow is usually a enjoyable weapon to play, but it surely’s not a critical contender in Season 2.

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