It’s hard to imagine a more intense gym partner than ultra-endurance athlete and former Navy SEAL David Goggins. 46-year-old bestselling author Can’t hurt me is known to bring its unapologetic and unapologetic brand of all-out effort to every workout.

If there’s a man we’d invest money in to be able to match a rep for Goggins, it could be Cam Hanes, another ultrarunner (and Joe Rogan’s favorite). Hanes, 53, an archery hunter and ultracracer from the backcountry himself known for averaging 22 miles a day, every week, recently joined Goggins for what appears to have been a workout rigorous chest and arms.

As one commentator joked, “How long did this workout last? I guess it’s 3-4 days with those two.” In the brief clip, which Hanes shared on his Instagram account on Thursday afternoon, the duo are shown doing a few reps on the bench press while wearing matching shirts featuring the phrase: “You don’t know me, son. ! ”

From there, they switch to free weights for a set of dumbbell presses. “Arms every day, biceps, you’ve got to get those gains,” Hanes says, as Goggins goes into male mode at full throttle. In one of the latest clips, the pair end their session with banded bicep curls.

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At the end of the video, Goggins turns to the camera for one final motivational bravado to send viewers – delivered, of course, in his signature style, The Devil’s Sensitivity.

“Motherf – kers thinks they can just say, I’ll be ready when the time comes,” he yells. “Fk that, motherfu – er!”

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