The Waterdogs are barking.

After a win in their inaugural season and a forgettable performance in Week 1, Waterdogs LC won the weekend in the Premier Lacrosse League and sit 2-1. On Sunday, they beat Chrome LC, 14-9, inside Fifth Third Bank Stadium in Atlanta.

“We know we haven’t shown our best Week 1. I’m not convinced we’re at our best yet. The point of the game is to improve and think with ourselves, to tackle what went well and what didn’t work and to keep building as we go. season, ”said coach Andy Copelan.

Similar to Friday’s win over Chaos LC, it was a diverse offensive effort, and Ryan Brown played a big part.

He scored five goals on Sunday, building on a hat trick from two days earlier.

“You saw the real Ryan Brown this weekend,” Copelan said of the offseason acquisition.

It couldn’t have started better, with Zach Currier winning a tough ground ball and then giving Ryland Rees a 2-point goal in the first confrontation. Rees highlighted the “communication and chemistry” among the Canadian trio of these two with faceoff specialist Jake Withers.

“Zach makes it pretty easy to win face-offs when he goes with one hand and gets those loose balls,” Rees. Currier had seven balls on the ground and the Waterdogs’ first two assists.

After Colin Heacock picked up one for Chrome, Currier was in a battle with Ryan Terefenko before serving Brown, who caught him moving in the arc for his first score of the day. Brown’s second came at 6:19 left in the first period, a jumping shot that passed goalie John Galloway, before Mikie Schlosser – acquired in the PLL entry draft – descended the alley with a head of steam to bounce it with less than two minutes left.

But the start of Chrome was not easy. Rookie Justin Anderson started a big play to end the first period, rushing for a trail check on Ryan Conrad, dislodging the ball for Joel White to take the field and pass to Mike Manley, scoring a 2 to make it a one-goal game after 12 minutes.

He stayed close until fourth, with teams trading scores and Chrome making him as close as a one-goal game. A physical sweep from Schlosser brought the score to 10-8, then the Whipsnakes scored four more in a row: Michael Kraus going down the downhill, Brown opening up in the lunge, a long Ben Reeves dodge around the net, making a half – turning and stepping down the lane for a shot, then a quick pass from Kieran McArdle to Brown in the crease.

Liam Byrnes caused two turnovers and Dillon Ward made seven saves. Schlosser (3G), Reevs (2G, 1A) and McArdle (1G, 2A) each had three points.

Chrome’s Connor Farrell won 15 of 25 faceoffs, Galloway made 13 saves and Jackson Morrill had a hat trick. The team was as badly affected as any with early injuries, and Jesse Bernhardt left the game on Sunday; Tim Sudan said it was a groin pull.

“It’s tough. You lose quality players on the pitch but you lose quality people. Guys who are close to our hearts,” said John Ranagan before highlighting the play of young players like Morrill, Anderson and Kevin Rogers. “What we’re doing for the next two weeks, as long as we can keep working for the week, keep talking. Everything will be fine.”

Next week is a week off for the league. Chrome (0-2) takes on Archers LC on Saturday, June 26 at Homewood Field.

No more Mr. Nice Guy for archers

Sometimes you just need a little juice.

It can come from a big grassroots ball – say from a bona fide leader like Marcus Holman. Or, a pass and a score on the back (also from Holman). Or, when you’re in the middle of a race, just let it all hang out and have fun with it.

“I’ve been playing lacrosse for nine years now. Sometimes you just leave it for a bit. I feel like we have been known as “the good guys”. Sometimes just saying what you really feel, celebrating and building on the momentum came out today, ”said LC Archers forward Will Manny.

Manny was able to celebrate a bit on Sunday as the goals rained down amid a 12-8 win over Chaos LC.

He scored five goals to lead the Archers’ murderous offense. Grant Ament scored six points (2G, 4A), Tom Schreiber scored two goals and one assist, Ryan Ambler scored a pair of goals and Holman had two points (1G, 1A).

Manny rose to 12th all-time with 236 goals – passing Drew Westervelt, Matt Striebel, Mark Millon and Stephen Berger in one day. Holman’s goal was his 250th.

Chaos LC raised his eyebrows with the first score. This was defined by two pointers from Ian MacKay – recently converted to LSM. Goals from Dhane Smith and Jake Froccaro quickly back-to-back brought the score to 6-1 halfway through the second.

Holman then grabbed one of the weekend’s highlights with a spinning motion in a back pass to Schreiber, who threw a four-goal streak. Ament got a change on a short stick, then walked to his right to fire a rocket to make it a three-goal game.

Manny scored the next two, finishing a sneaky feeder beauty from Schreiber from above and through defense. Ament went to work to find Manny coming out, but Chaos bounced back with a goal from Smith.

Manny’s third came after Ambler took a relentless dive that caused a turnaround in midfield. He then restarted right away, finding Manny running alongside GLE for a no-angle score. Stephen Kelly scored the next face-off to tie for the first time.

They continued to come quickly in the third, with Manny and Fields scoring on the power play, and Schreiber completing a nifty dodge with little angle, twisting on his body to climb three goals. Holman punctuated the run with Ament running across the field, passing him behind his back to Holman, and Holman jumping over the crease.

In total, it was a race for the Archers in which they scored nine out of 10.

“Funny,” Manny replied when asked about the offense. “It’s a great team. Today was my day to score. In two weeks, it will be Marcus or Fieldsy.

Kelly won 15 of 21 face-offs, Graham Hossack had three rushes and one knockdown, and Matt McMahon had two dropped balls and two knocked-down balls.

Chaos LC is 0-3 – a third of their regular season over as they are one of four teams that have played three times. Archers LC is 2-0.