Clash Royale balance updates have arrived in 2022, balancing the health and damage of various cards to make them optimal for battle. It is difficult to choose the best card in Clash Royale after the balance changes because there is a plethora of cards available, ranging from Common to Legendary.

The best card should be versatile enough to fit in any battle deck and have enough health and damage to deal significant damage to the opponent. This article will talk about the best Clash Royale card in 2022.

Archer Queen is arguably the best Clash Royale card in 2022

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Archer Queen, a powerful troop with unique abilities like other Champion cards, is the best card that matches any battle deck and has high damage and hit points. The in-game description of Archer Queen is as follows:

“She’s fast, deadly, and hard to catch. Watch out for her crossbow bolts and try not to blink – you might miss her!”

When you reach King Level 14, the Archer Queen card becomes available. She is a mid-range single-target troop with high damage and high hitpoints, and attacks both ground and air troops. Since it is a Champion card, it stays out of the player’s card cycle until it is destroyed.

The Archer Queen’s ability makes her invisible for a short time and greatly improves her hitting speed. She looks like Archer; however, she wears a crown, has purple hair, and holds a crossbow while remaining barefoot.

Archer Queen’s “Camouflage Cloak” Ability

The Archer Queen card in Clash Royale (In-game screenshot)
The Archer Queen card in Clash Royale (In-game screenshot)

Like other Champion cards, Archer Queen has a unique ability called “Cloaking Cape”, which makes her invisible and improves her hitting speed three times. The in-game description of Cloaking is as follows:

“Activate stealth mode and shoot his arrows faster!”

This will cost an additional elixir and can be obtained by tapping the Crossbow sign on the far right side of the screen.

Archer Queen Stats

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When placed three tiles from the river and five tiles from the bridge, the Archer Queen is good at stopping virtually any unit. Here are the stats for the Archer Queen card:

  • Archer Queen can be upgraded to level 14, where it deals 299 damage and 1330 health.
  • Archer Queen costs 5 Elixir to deploy and 1 Elixir to use the Cloaking Cape ability.
  • The Cloaking Cape ability makes her invisible for 3 seconds while increasing her attack speed by 200%.

Finally, Archer Queen is undoubtedly one of the best Clash Royale cards that can be used in various battle strategies. Its ability to hit both air and ground troops, along with its camouflage cloak, make it one of the most powerful cards.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha

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