GREEN BAY (NBC 26) – Matt Fisher, director of Broken Spoke Bike Studio in Green Bay, has made resolutions in the past to eat healthier and drink less.

“I am embarrassed to admit that I certainly didn’t hold on,” he said.

This year, his New Year’s resolution is something he’s been looking forward to.

“I want to go over 4,000 miles on my first goal on the bike,” Fisher said. “I want to go out a bit more and do more fly fishing and archery.”

Ashley and Michelle Guetschow, who live in Suamico, want to enjoy life and improve their skills a bit.

“I would love to travel more,” Michelle said. “I want to go out, see more and do more things.”

“Be happier with myself,” Ashley said.

Some goals are better than others, said Ala Aldahneem, business and professional coach.

“The right goals would be something that matters to you, not someone else, not because the other person did it and that’s cool and you want to do it,” she said. . “You want to do something that is meaningful to you and you know, deep down inside, it’s something that you want.

Whether your goal is to lose 20 pounds or read 20 pounds, there are several ways you can really make that resolution a reality.

“Understand what is the ‘why’ behind it all,” Aldahneem said. “Why are you trying to achieve this? Why is this important to you? “

Aldahneem recommends setting smaller, time-bound and measurable goals. The De Pere-based coach is even organizing a seminar at the end of January, called “Actually you CAN”, to help people define their intentions and keep their resolutions.

“We go there week by week, month by month, and we focus on why is it important? We focus on the joy that surrounds it, “she said.” We visualize it, we see it, we make it fun. “

Think less about the thing you’re trying to accomplish and more about the person you want to be, said Kaela Jedda, ontological life coach.

“This year I’m starting to see resolutions that I’m personally passionate about, because it’s not things that are missing in our life, like a need to lose weight or a need to earn more money, but instead of seeing resolutions that are really practices like ‘I want to train my body to move every day’ or ‘I want to have a healthy relationship with food,’ she said. to come forward and take the necessary action for your resolution or statement will truly lead you to a fulfilling life and you will be the person you want to be. “