Guillaume Clark

Mr. William “Bill” Clark, 74, from

Corrales, New Mexico,

passed away peacefully with his wife and daughters by his side on Sunday, December 26, 2021 at Lovelace Westside Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

He was born on February 5, 1947 in Meadville, Pennsylvania, to Beth Clark and the late Robert Clark. He grew up enjoying the outdoors, motorcycles and travel. Bill could fix anything and when he couldn’t find what he needed he would build it himself instead. In his twenties, he let adventure and the blue skies lead him southwest, where he ultimately devoted 41 years to his career at Los Alamos National Lab. As much as he loved his job and enjoyed spending time with his co-workers, Bill’s life was more than a job. He was a dedicated and supportive father of three daughters, whom he helped lead successful lives through occasional (and not-so-subtle) pushes. Above all, he never let an unexplored fleeting interest slip away. He shared 31 years full of adventures with the love of his life, Danette. They had too many hobbies to write down; although some of his favorites would certainly include: archery tournaments, weekend Harley rides, cross country trips to Sturgis, trap shooting clubs, and finding the best restaurants every time. stop along their frequented paths. Plus, Alaskan salmon fishing and wine tasting while dining with the family at a private vineyard in Italy are some of the bucket list’s favorite accomplishments.

His love of competition has guided him throughout his life. He was certainly a trophy collector, but never one to brag about. From wielding his impressive size in a basketball game, to being a grand champion of the NM Pro Bowhunters Association so many times they stopped carving the wall plaque (1987-1995), to beating the stage IV cancer to become a 21-year survivor.

Those close to him will remember his dry humor and his modest little laugh. And a conversation was enough to realize that he was as committed to listening as he was to teaching, because he really wanted to learn everything that was on offer. He had high expectations for those around him, but always stood at the same level. As evidenced by the many kind words of condolence: people really admired him. He was strong, courteous, funny and intelligent.

Upon retirement, he and Danette moved to the beautiful and welcoming village of Corrales, where they were fortunate to have many new and wonderful friends. The last years of Bill’s life were filled with fewer adventures. He battled lung disease from complications from radiation therapy with inspiring grace and positivity, and a determination not to let illness stop him from doing the things he loved. He neither complained nor encouraged sympathy. He remained strong, courteous and funny. Slip little jokes even when hearing bad news from the doctor, and always “I’m doing pretty well” despite a long list of ailments. His family and friends are forever grateful for the love and dedication provided by his wife, who no doubt gave him all those extra years.

Bill’s life was busy and many loved him. Bill is survived by his wife Danette Clark, his mother Beth Clark, his brother Budd Clark (Darleen), his three daughters Tiffany Hinsley (Anthony), Tricia Franchville (Jim) and Laura Kuskil (Alan), his seven grandchildren: Jacob (Tori) and Joshua Gomez; Chloe, Mia and Lily Franchville; Margot and Dean Kuskil, her great-grandson Olsen Gomez; his niece Becki Hayes (Rusty); and his nephew Ryan MacLeod (Evelyn). In passing, he joined his father, Robert Clark.

Instead of a funeral service, a celebration of life will take place when family and friends can happily come together to honor her, possibly in the summer. Details will be communicated once plans are defined.

Instead of sending flowers, Bill would be happier if his loved ones enjoyed a nice dinner and toast his vibrant life.

Please contribute a fun keepsake, photos or toast to her memory to share during the celebration at:

Published by Albuquerque Journal on January 2, 2022.