FLETCHER – About 20 kids ranging in age from 6 to mid-teens learned to be on target on Saturday.

After removing bows and letting arrows fly, many have felt their first taste of directed flight. Each arrow that hit its target brought a new smile. If you were looking for a good thing, you found it on an oil concession about 8 miles northeast of Fletcher.

The Youth Archery Clinic, organized by Blue and the Brave, aimed to help young people find their fit with archery and the outdoors, according to volunteer instructor Thomas Moore. It’s an activity, he said, that he has loved and enjoyed since he was a child.

“The goal is to teach our young people to get involved in the outdoors and to participate ethically in the activity,” he said.

Hunter Bradshaw said Saturday was his first chance to experience bow and arrow. He said it was something he wanted to continue. Instructor Aaron Halvorson offered advice to the young archer.

“You have to live up to your name,” he said. “Relax, it’s all about form. “

Halvorson has been practicing archery since he was young. Now an active member of the military, he said there are many rewards in volunteering to work with these young people.

As 8-year-old Montana Wiggins got ready to shoot the target down the beach, he said it was great fun shooting arrows with others, even though it was his first time in company. .

“I did this all the time at home,” he says.

This spirit of volunteerism helped organize the event. Moore said the event, the second sponsored by Blue and the Brave, is hosted by sponsors and donors. For Saturday’s event, Southern Plains Taxidermy, Archery Traditions, Cinnamon Ranch and TruPatriot Outdoors were key to its success. It all fits into the mission to help the police, veterans and young people, he said.

Moore credited Lawton’s retired police officer Kurt Short. A key component in several programs benefiting children, retired military personnel and first responders, Short was the man who worked at the grill on Saturday. With 20 children and at least eight monitors to feed, he had a mission.

“We have a lot of starving children,” he said.

Another event will take place in August, according to Short.

“Next month we will try to trap as a fundraiser,” he said. “Obviously, things like this are not free. “

Moore said if anyone wants to follow Blue and the Brave, or better yet, wants to volunteer or donate to the cause, visit the group’s Facebook or Instagram pages. Other events will be coming, he said.

“We try to do them as often as possible,” he said.

Short said if you need him he is always ready to help or receive him.

“And you know me,” he said, “I’m really easy to find.”

In addition to being the columnist for Soundemonium Musaic, Scott Rains is also a police, fire, Indigenous affairs and roller derby reporter for The Lawton Constitution.

You can email him at: [email protected]

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