A tall skyscraper, conceived by Zaha Hadid Architects and developed by the family of Donald trumpson-in-law of, was proposed for Downtown Manhattan.

The $ 12 billion plans for 666 Fifth Avenue involve replacing a 1950s office building and adding 40 stories above its previous height.

The addition of glass would raise the tower to a height of 1,400 feet (427 meters) – which would place it in the category of tall skyscrapers between 980 and 2,000 feet (300 and 600 meters) – creating a property mixed-use housing commercial, residential and hotel spaces.

The project is developed by Kushner companies, owned by the family of Jared Kushner – who is a senior adviser to the president and also married to his daughter Ivanka.

Kushner resigned as CEO of Kushner Companies after taking office at the White House and sold his stake in 666 Fifth Avenue to his father, Charlie.

however, questions were raised again on the company’s investment talks with Chinese insurance group Anbang, which could be interpreted as buying influence from the Trump administration.

The site is located four blocks south of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. The real estate company plans to develop it since the purchase of the current structure at the address in 2007.

The building, which features embossed aluminum cladding panels, was designed by New York-based Carson & Lundin and completed in 1957.

According to the Wall Street newspaper, its replacement would include 11 floors dedicated to a hotel and would quadruple the commercial space of its predecessor. The residential portion would total 464,000 square feet (43,100 square meters).

Since they were unveiled on Tuesday, the designs have been described by Twitter users as a major, a Phallus Swarovski and one huge glass dildo.

The developers also reportedly wanted to change the building’s name from 666 to 660 Fifth Avenue to avoid associations with the devil – another feature that has been parodied on social media.

A Twitter user mocked one version of the render to make the skyscraper look like the Tower of Barad-DUR from the Lord of the Rings movies, with the Eye of Sauron on top, while another referred to the project like The devil’s dildo.

If the project goes ahead, demolition could start in 2019 and construction can be completed by 2025.

The skyscraper would become Zaha Hadid Architects‘second project in New York, after the 520 West 28th residential building which is nearing completion at Chelsea.

Zaha Hadid Architects tops Dezeen’s Hot List in 2016, following the surprise death of its founder earlier in the year.

The firm is now headed by Patrik Schumacher, who recently asked social housing and public space to be dismantled, and previously suggested state-funded art schools should be abolished.

The renderings are by Methanoia.

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